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"The teachers are great and very helpful, you get to do multiple projects, meet new people and many other adventures that you have to experience yourself.""

Miroslav, from Bulgaria 🇧🇬


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  • Anmol asks 27 oct 2018
    How difficult is the level of math in the first year? Anyone from first year please respond.
    Miroslav says 27 oct 2018

    Hi Anmol!
    Through the first year you would have the following courses regarding math
    -Algebraic abilities
    -Trigonometry and Complex numbers
    -Differentiation and Integration
    -Differentiation equasions and Laplace.
    The first two are relatively easy. The 2nd introduce you to a little bit more complex math, but If you take up the courses seriously, the knowledge you get from lectures and practise is more than enough to understand and complete the courses with high grade. The teachers explain very well and they are always ready to help you If you have any struggles :)

  • Tosin asks 03 apr 2018
    Please i will like know the course outline for first year
    Miroslav says 05 apr 2018

    Hi Tosin !
    In the first year, you will have a lot of introductionary to Computer Science subjects.
    In the first semester, you will have the very same subjects as the electrical engineers. In the 2nd semester you will have your first computer sciences only related subjects. Through the whole year you would have subjects like:
    mathematics, programming in C, Java, UML software design, hardware lab, Electrical Circtuits AC and DC. Also, you will have projects, for which you have to apply all the knowledge you have gained during your study.

    Best wishes,

  • Ngan asks 14 jan 2018
    Hi, I want to know about what are the subjects that we will be studying in this programme? What will be the focus for the first year, second year, etc... What can I do after I finish university?
    Sandesh says 14 jan 2018

    Hi, I'm not doing Computer Science anymore but I think all the information to your question is available in the description of the program on

  • Nick asks 14 jul 2017
    Welke locatie zit de opleiding Technische Informatica ?
    IntoSaxion says 17 jul 2017

    Hoi Nick,

    Deze opleiding wordt in Enschede aangeboden!
    Wil je nog meer weten?


  • Teo asks 23 jan 2017
    Hi. I would like to know more about the internships, for example the companies and the requirements needed.
    Saxion Informatie Centrum says 24 jan 2017

    Hi Teo! Internships are part of the programme.
    You will be prepared during your 1st and 2nd years with different courses, lessons and coaching which will help you to follow an internship position that fits you.
    You have the option to do an internship in the Netherlands or in another country.
    Saxion students have been following their internships in different companies - big ones such as TomTom to startups.

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