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Hello, Let’s say I have enough money to pay for all the expenses for the first year. Is it possible to find a work in the field (I already have 3 years experience atm) on my 2nd year of studies, like a part time job? Thing is, I won’t have money for 3 years straight anyway. Do people manage that?

almost 3 years ago
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Luciano Orlandini
Luciano Orlandini
almost 3 years ago

Hi Max,

That could depend on a few things. If you come from an EU country, it is indeed much easier to find a job as non-EU students require a work permit which is given by a company that would lie to hire you.

To find a job in the Computer Science field it would depend on your current CV and skills, as there are quite a few tech companies in the area, although personally I do not know of many students that have a job in the field, but at the same time, most students do not have previous experience in the field either.

Although there are other part time jobs you can find, from call centres, to food delivery or even working at Saxion itself as a student ambassador for example. Most people that want to have a part time job end up find one after being here between 6 month and a year.

One other thing is that if you are from outside the EU there are also scholarships you could have. You can read about it here:

Hope this helps!

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