Students from Saxion

About IntoSaxion

IntoSaxion is set up to be a platform for every student interested in studying at Saxion. On this website, you’ll read experiences from Saxion students. Besides that, the platform allows you to ask your questions to students linked to IntoSaxion. For every programme, you can contact one or more students.

Why intosaxion?

IntoSaxion was initiated by Saxion as an addition to existing presentation materials. The experiences of current Saxion students are an important factor in prospective students’ choice of study.

IntoSaxion is all about ‘experiencing studying at Saxion’. Brochures and the information on our international website help inform prospective students about our programmes, but they also need real experiences from Saxion students.

Traditionally, students exchange these experiences through open days, experience or taster days or through social media interaction. These interactions are highly appreciated and make students curious to find out more. With IntoSaxion, Saxion wants to support this experience in a unique way through social networks, by students, for students.

Questions about saxion?

If you have any questions about entry requirements, admission, tuition fees or open days, please visit or contact Saxion:

Phone: 0031 88 019 3789