Applied Computer Science

What is course structure and does course still using c++ or its upgraded to python? Does internship are paid or not? Is there any specific lab assigned for computer science students?

over 2 years ago
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Robin Westerik
over 2 years ago

The course structure of ACS can be found here ( ). In the first year you share most of your courses with electrical engineering. The blue, green, and white blocks show the courses within ACS.

Keep in mind that there is a big difference between Applied Computer Science and Computer Science. ACS focuses more on signal processing, micro controllers, and low level programming, while CS focuses more on high level programming, administration systems, and app development.

As such, ACS will to my knowledge not be introducing Python as a full course. Python can be used optionally however in the second year, with Digital Signal Processing. More courses like microcontrollers do seem to have pushed in C# in a few assignments instead of Java.

Personally I have seen that after you have learned a few languages it is not a big hurdle to switch to another one. My advice is to not focus too much on this. C++ is currently used in C++ and data structures

Some internships are paid, others are not. You get a job offer out of it most of the time though.

At Saxion there is a whole area dedicated to Applied Physics, Electrical Engineering, And Applied Computer Science. You could work in the OTSWO (while it can be a little bit noisy sometimes), or if you have to solder something, there are multiple labs with solder stations and smd ovens, which you can use freely during the day as long as you ask the professor.

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