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What is the structure of the classes? What are the best and worst parts about studying in Saxion? Are the exams theoretical or project based? Thank you for your help!

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over 3 years ago

Hi Pedro,

Thank you for your query and apologies for the late response!

Technische Informatica is actually the programme I follow and I have just finished the first year, so I can give you a real insight on how it works.

Most of the courses have a 40% Theoretical and 60% practical approach, meaning you will have 1 hour 45 mins of theory class plus 3 hours of practical work every week. On the Digital course for example, during theory you will learn about how the High and Low signal inputs work and behave, and during practice you would be actually simulating circuits on your laptop and then programming an Altera board, controlling the output to match what is required of the task.

Every quarter there is also a group project, where you will be with 2 to 3 other students and will have to develop a system, such as an intruder alarm or a digital safe lock, putting together information you learnt in all other courses.

The mathematics course though are purely theoretical as you can imagine, with exercises to do at home.

With the above in mind, the exams are also of mix of theory and project based.

The best parts of studying at Saxion for me are the people, the facilities and the fact that all practical classes are in groups of maximum 16 students, meaning the professor has time to help and advise each student individually, adding real value to your learning.

In terms of worst parts, I guess is applicable to any university, is that despite the professors being very helpful, it is up to the student to be pro-active and dedicate time for self-study, and to prepare ahead of the classes. Also, for the project work of the first semester you will not be able to necessarily choose your own group, which could create a challenge, although should that happen you can also contact the professor and come forward with any issues. They are all very happy to help!

Hope this answer your questions!

Have a great day!

Luciano, Saxion IO Team

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