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International Business

The English bachelor degree International Business prepares you for a managerial position in an international business environment. You will work with peers from 35 nationalities and you will learn how to become a conscious business professional who really can make a difference.

"As the name implies the study and the environment is really international.
Besides interesting subjects like marketing, cultural management, sales and management and organisation, you also learn about how to deal with different cultures and learn soft skills. The study gives you the opportunity to work with real companies from the start. Thus, the theory you learn from the lessons can be directly applied to real life cases in the projects.
There is also a study area especially for the international business students. The environment there is very inspiring as you can learn from one another as everybody is usually there. The teacher rooms are also right next to the study area which is convenient if you have any questions."
Kimberley Truong, from Germany 🇩🇪

"I really enjoy the variety of classes we have, ranging from marketing to finance and then human resources, basically everything a good Manager has to know. And it is even easier when you have nice friends - which by the way come from all over the world."
Gloria Ahorn, from Brazil 🇧🇷


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Deventer, Enschede

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    I am a 21-year-old student from Hamburg (Germany) and study International Business in the Netherlands . Currently, I am in my second year at the campus in Deventer. I like the open atmosphere which I can work in and can ...

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  • Thank @saxionuas for organizing such an useful international week and thank @jennleedawson for your interesting and knowledgeable lecture. #internationalweek #sustainableatsaxion #intosaxion

    Instagram foto: Thank @saxionuas for organizing such an useful international week and thank @jennleedawson for your interesting and knowledgeable lecture. #internationalweek #sustainableatsaxion #intosaxion
  • #tedxsaxionuniversity #tedx #tedxsaxion #crew #intosaxion

    Instagram foto: #tedxsaxionuniversity #tedx #tedxsaxion #crew
  • #tedx #tedxsaxionuniversity #tedxsaxion #intosaxion

    Instagram foto: #tedx #tedxsaxionuniversity #tedxsaxion #intosaxion
  • #tedxsaxion #tedxsaxionuniversity #tedx #intosaxion

    Instagram foto: #tedxsaxion #tedxsaxionuniversity #tedx #intosaxion
  • Hello, everyone😁I am Xiao and a third year International Business Management Studies student from Saxion. I am taking over the storyboard for @saxionuas this week and next week. At present, I am doing my internship in one Dutch car company. Would you like to know daily life for my internship or would you like to know how does IBMS third year look like? Come here to follow us, you will see internship life, Saxion student daily life, parties,daily activities on weekends, even the city that we live and so forth. Everything that you probably are interested in will be found on our account.#intosaxion #ibms #internship

    Instagram foto: Hello, everyone😁I am Xiao and a third year International Business Management Studies student from Saxion. I am taking over the storyboard for @saxionuas this week and next week. At present, I am doing my internship in one Dutch car company. Would you like to know daily life for my internship or would you like to know how does IBMS third year look like? Come here to follow us, you will see internship life, Saxion student daily life, parties,daily activities on weekends, even the city that we live and so forth. Everything that you probably are interested in will be found on our account.#intosaxion #ibms #internship
  • It’s my graduate ceremony today. Too much want to say, all in all, I love u all my friends and teachers in my sweet uni. And I am going to a new chapter now. 💃🏻🎓🌻 #graduation #graduationceremony #newbeginnings #sunnyallthetime #saxion #intosaxion


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Questions by visitors

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  • Reeta asks 06 sep 2019
    I'm interested in international business program in Deventer. How many ects you need to get in year one I order to be able to continue to year two? Also, are the exams multiple questions? How many points you need to get in exams to pass it? And how many questions there are in total in the exams?
    Susanna says 12 sep 2019

    Hi Reeta!
    1. You have to get at least 48 credits out of 60 possible during your first year to go onto your second year.
    2. The format of the exams can vary and it can be changed every year (depending on the teacher and curriculum). There are subjects for which you have to write an assignment, or a take-home exam, a presentation, a written exam or a multiple-choice exam. These are the different forms of assessment.
    3. The number of questions isn't certain for every exam but you can ask the teachers beforehand what to expect from every exam.
    4. You have to get at least 55% right out of 100% in order to get a 'pass'.
    5. Every subject 'weighs' different amount of ECTS. Usually it's 3-4 ECTS per subject. Projects are 6-7 ECTS.

    If you have more questions, our team of student ambassadors is always glad to help :)

  • Abdelrahman asks 05 jul 2019
    any student here start with the preparation period I want to ask about the subject for study and how is the program.International Business I can take the BA in 3 years or I can study more and I take it in 2 years that possible.I will start this year and really I want go fast in my study as I can
    Susanna says 05 jul 2019

    Hi Abdelrahman! Normally Bachelor programme in IB takes 4 years. You can try to finish it in 3,5 by combining two of the semesters in one. That’s the option available to shorten your study.

    Regarding Preparatory courses, they cover majorly discussed topics so you could develop a structured opinion on most discussed things in nowadays world in English.

    Glad to help!


  • Mitchelle asks 28 mar 2019
    What really happens within the Top Talent Programme Research on Innovating Organisations(RIO)? I heard you look for a research topic and then you will be helped by the Research centre, along with a track expert and coach ... But I'm still not yet convinced
    Susanna says 28 mar 2019

    Hi Mitchelle! Basically it's like an extra project/-s outside of your major studies. Track expert and coach could as well be lecturers at Saxion or company's staff you're doing the project for. So it really depends on the project/company/topic you're going to be working on. I suggest that you contact Ruud Koopman for more detailed information

  • Anna asks 04 mar 2019
    Hello. Could you please tell me more about internships and exchange programs? What are the partner companies and universities? What about career perspectives?
    Maurice says 05 mar 2019

    Hey in the third year you are going abroad for an internship for 6 month. You have to look for a company yourself but you will get the necessary support from the teachers if you cant find a place. Additionally you can do a so called minor. Where you can either go to one of the partner Universities we have around 80 i think (list can be found on the website of Saxion) or you do a project minor. Those Project minors differ and detailed information can be found on the website as well and change from course to course. Depending on the study you can do you can also have different career perspectives. In average a Saxion graduand find a job within 3 month after graduation and the bachelor is internationally accredited. I hope this could help you. If you have questions you can come to the open day or asked us for a telephone chat.

  • Radu asks 17 feb 2019
    Would you recommend finding accomodation through Saxion's student housing, or looking for something outside this programme?
    Maurice says 17 feb 2019

    I would first go to a student house and then look for something in your secound year. If you first life in a student house you don’t need to worry about finding a place. And after a year you find Friends with wich you can rent a place.

  • Nic asks 25 jan 2019
    doing business in China
    Maurice says 25 jan 2019

    It is a Minor focusing on doing business with China. The main aim is to insure that you develop an understandment for the culture and the people. If you want to know more you can ask me precisely.

  • berk asks 15 oct 2018
    wat is het verschil tussen international business en international finance and accounting?
    Maike says 15 oct 2018

    International business is o.a. gericht op marketing, sales, finance en ook vakken zoals HR, waar international finance & accounting is gericht op alleen de financiële en accounting kant van international business

  • Philip asks 26 jul 2018
    Can you tell me about the possibilities of doing a master degree at another university after studying at the Saxion?
    Susanna says 26 jul 2018

    Hi Philip! If you’re planning to study Master’s at a university of applied sciences after Saxion, you can do it without any problem. If you’re planning to study at a research university, you will probably have to do a so-called bridge semester (transition semester) before you start with your Master’s. This depends on the country you want to further do your Master’s at though and on particular university!

  • Amela asks 25 mar 2018
    What should I know about Deventer and Enschede before I choose where to study?
    Nhung says 25 mar 2018

    Hello Amela,

    We are happy to receive your question.

    I am studying 2nd year International Business and Management at Saxion Deventer. As far as I know, Deventer is smaller than Enschede, so there are not as many shops as in Enschede. In Enschede, there are more parties and events than in Deventer as well.

    About the study program of IBM, the study program is really practical because we need to do projects with real companies such as Holland Casino, Krehalon, Grolsch, etc. We also can have a chance to be the best project group and win certificate and reward money.

    If you have more questions, please don't hesitate to tell us.


  • Taya asks 18 mar 2018
    Hello. I would like to know how many languages are we going to learn in IBL course? And what level are we going to reach in the end? Thank you.
    Lisa says 19 mar 2018

    Hi Taya, as the programme is changing right now I´m not really sure how it is going to work. As far as I know you will choose one language (Dutch - starting at A1, German - starting at B1, Spanish - starting at A1 or French - starting at B1) and in the end you should be able to speak fluently in the chosen language (C1 - C2). As a work placement and a minor abroad is also included in this programme you will also have a lot of experience in the specific business language.

  • Hozan asks 12 oct 2017
    Hello, I have a question about the university it self. What are the differences between an applied science uni and the normal universities? Thanks alot...
    Juli says 12 oct 2017

    Hello Hozan,
    applied science is more practical than a 'normal' university. Therefore the classes are smaller, you have direct contact with your teachers and apply the theory from class in different projects and assignments. The Bachelor degrees at a university of applied sciences take 4 years, but it includes an internship and a semester abroad, therefore you are not really 'wasting' a year. Hope I could help you! If you have any other questions, feel free to contact me. Best, Juli

  • Fruzsina asks 03 aug 2017
    Can I do all the official arrangments using only my ID (Hungary). I mean I need a passport too.Thank you,Fruzsi
    Gabriella says 03 aug 2017

    Hi Fruzsina,

    As an European student you can bring only your ID (but if you have a passport, I'd bring that as well).

    This webinar might be useful for you:

  • Trevor asks 19 may 2017
    Hello! How much should I expect to spend on food every month, and what's the accommodation like that Saxion provides us with?
    Susanna says 19 may 2017

    Hi Trevor!
    It depends on how much you eat, of course. Personally I don't think I spend a lot, maybe around 150-200 p/month. If you're interested in a total approximate expenditure per month (incl. food, transport, etc but excluding the housing) then it's around 400-500.
    However again, There are some people who spend only 200 p/month.
    It depends which campus you're talking about. As for Deventer, there are 2 campuses, where in both you share a bathroom/kitchen, but have your personal room. The campuses are fully equipped (furniture, kitchen appliances, bed sheets).
    Hope you have a good idea now!:)

    1 answer left Fold

  • Sarah asks 20 mar 2017
    Hello, I wanted to know what the student life is like in Enschede. Are there many activities to do (sports, bars, shopping), or is it more a just a quiet town?What does a typical weekend in Enschede?Thanks :)
    Alla says 22 mar 2017

    Unfortunately, I can not answer your question , as I study in Deventer and do not know so much about student life in the Netherlands. However, Enschede is quite big city with two big universities, so there are a lot of students, bars, clubs. You can also contact one of our ambassadors, who live in Enschede for further details.

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  • Jia asks 16 nov 2016
    if I need to take a shower,is public bath or single bath?
    Alla says 16 nov 2016

    Depending on which Saxion housing you will live in, you will have different options. You will either share bathroom with a shower with 3-5 other students, who live with you, or you will have a bathroom on the floor, separately for men and women.

  • Karim asks 09 aug 2016
    Thank you for the first answer Anna! But i want to know which subjects stand on your timetable :D sorry for the missunderstanding!
    Anna says 10 aug 2016

    Haha okay,
    I am sorry for the misunderstanding too!
    Which studies will you start with? IBMS, Tourism Management, etc?

  • Karim asks 09 aug 2016
    Hey Guys! Can someone please tell me what the timetable looks like?Thank you very much :)
    Anna says 09 aug 2016

    Hey Karim! You will most probably have classes 4 times a week. Your schedule will vary from week to week but your "free" day stays most of the time the same during the first year. Your class starts earliest at 8:30. Your final schedule will be available for you when starting your studies. The year plan with the dates of holidays will be available as soon as you start studying as well, if necessary we can provide you with estimations.
    I hope that answers your question. If not, don't hesitate to contact us again :)

  • Tom asks 04 feb 2016
    I'm interested in ibl, but my question is does make sense to learn to foreign languages, because english is the world language and I think you speak english with foreign companys?
    IntoSaxion says 12 feb 2016

    Hi Tom, we think it makes sense to speak more than one foreign language. This benefits the international relationships and intercultural awareness which are very important success factors in international business. ^Maarten

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