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What books for study will I need?

Danil Sergiienko
14 days ago
1 Answer
Marlène Beld
Marlène Beld
12 days ago

Hello Danil!

To see what books you will need for the first year, you can follow this link to the booklist on In case it doesn‘t work, you can go to and select your study. Honestly, I would advice you not to get Marketing 3.0 because we never ended up using it and Concise Guide to APA Style seems to be new (we didn’t have that) so maybe also wait for your teachers‘ opinions before ordering it. As for the rest, we did actively use them in class so I would suggest buying them. You can either order them directly through StudyStore or anywhere else really, just make sure to get the correct ones then (through the ISBN, title, etc.).

Hope that helps, good luck with starting the first year!

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