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Fashion & Textile Technologies

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This unique programme is not just an education in fashion. You also learn to reuse materials in a completely new way. For example: is it possible to charge a smartphone via sportswear? You will buy products from partners abroad, develop new, sustainable materials and work on creating your own collection. At the end of the programme you have become an entrepreneurial fashion and textile professional. “The future of fashion is materials,” predicts trendwatcher Lidewij Edelkoort. And that’s exactly how Saxion’s bachelor degree in Fashion and Textile Technologies (FTT) sets itself apart from other textile and fashion courses! Our teaching staff of professionals from the fashion and textile industry, each of them passionate about materials, will give you a firm foundation for stimulating and rewarding roles in this international sector.

Answered questions

Fashion & Textile Technologies

Hello! I was just wondering if there is a fast-track option for the Fashion & Textile technologies programme (4 years)?

Fran, 8 months ago
Fashion & Textile Technologies

Thank you for your answer! Can I take a summer course to find out if I like the country, the university, the courses?

Alecsia Pantece, 9 months ago
Fashion & Textile Technologies

Hi! Can I work part-time or apply to an internship during the courses?

Alecsia Pantece, 9 months ago
Fashion & Textile Technologies

I have another question. What are the specializations in the Fashion & Textile Technologies? Is the direction more related to sewing clothes or designing patterns for fabrics and technical aspects of materials too? Thanks again! Silvie

Sylvie, about 1 year ago
Fashion & Textile Technologies

Hi, I am from Hong Kong. How any students or classes are there in year1 in 2022?(or the previous year) How many international students are there?

Yan Ki, almost 2 years ago
Fashion & Textile Technologies

Hi there, I have a question about the pattern making portion of the classes. I am interested in the process of digital pattern making, digitizing, grading, everything. Are you taught on Illustrator, or other software? Thanks!

Delfina, about 2 years ago
Fashion & Textile Technologies

Ik would like to know the difference between Fashion and Textile Technologies fulltime and the short degree. You don't get an intership with the short degree, but do you both receive an equivalent degree as Bachelor of science or are there differences?

Julia Muller, about 2 years ago
Fashion & Textile Technologies

I have education background in fashion design and textiles from Polimoda Italy. The textile curriculum we had in our course was not technical textiles or science based. Can I still apply for the MSc Innovative Textile development course

kinjal, about 2 years ago
Fashion & Textile Technologies

hey,Im Sharif. Am from Bangladesh have recently completed my bachelor in Textile Engineering.I'm looking forward to pursue the Master degree in innovative textile from saxion.My question is, what is the job scenario in NL after having the master degree from saxion?Is it easy to get a relevant job?

Sharif, about 2 years ago
Fashion & Textile Technologies

hi, Katharina, as you are second year student, i want to know about the practical work and so far what do you think about your job prospects?

Zainab Ghayoor, almost 3 years ago
Fashion & Textile Technologies

hi Kseniia I'm curious about this programme. Firstly, how much commerce is involved in this study programme and what are courses modules for the first year? Secondly, I wanted to know about the practical work what it really likes? above all, I want to ask about an internship?

zainab ghayoor, almost 3 years ago
Fashion & Textile Technologies

hello, I'm Santia and currently, I'm in L6 which means I'm in year 12 and I'm doing IB right now. but at some point I don't do the Diploma but I'm doing the courses. I'm here because I want to know all of your experience because I might be thinking that I want to do fashion and textiles technologies

Santia, almost 3 years ago
Fashion & Textile Technologies

Is It Connected With Fashion Design? After Graduating,can i pick Designer as my career? Will I learn about how to be a Fashion Designer? Is it bored to Learn about this subjection

Noan, over 3 years ago
Fashion & Textile Technologies

Hi! In the second year, what are the class hours on a typical day? Would I be able to work a part-time job or internship alongside the course?

alexa, over 3 years ago
Fashion & Textile Technologies

There's the basic textile course, which teaches different textile processes like knitting, weaving, dying, etc. Are these courses all taught only in theory? Or are there any workshops where we can see actual machines and work on them?

Hayrullo, over 5 years ago