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hi Kseniia I'm curious about this programme. Firstly, how much commerce is involved in this study programme and what are courses modules for the first year? Secondly, I wanted to know about the practical work what it really likes? above all, I want to ask about an internship?

zainab ghayoor
about 3 years ago
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Jorine Dierks
Jorine Dierks
almost 3 years ago


In the first year you have every quartile the course 'Commerce', which is about commerce, financial aspects & marketing. You can also choose in every project your own role, so if you are the most interested in commerce, you can choose a role that fits this. In the first year you have also every quartile the course 'basic textiles', where you learn everything about textile and production processes. You have also basic courses like maths, English and research design. The practical classes you have are for example doing quality tests on textiles, knitting on knitting machines, technical drawing, pattern drawing and also sewing.

In the third or fourth year you have to do an internship, which you can choose yourself.

I hope this answers your questions!

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