Fashion & Textile Technologies

Ik would like to know the difference between Fashion and Textile Technologies fulltime and the short degree. You don't get an intership with the short degree, but do you both receive an equivalent degree as Bachelor of science or are there differences?

Julia Muller
over 2 years ago
1 Answer
Karim Rabhi
over 2 years ago

With a Short Degree you may get a diploma (Bachelor of Science). The idea is that students from partners, who have a very similar program to ours, study at their own school for the first three years and do Smart Solutions and their Final Thesis with us for the last year. It is preceded by a careful "mapping" in which the modules are compared with ours, so that the students can receive an exemption for the first 3 years. The entry requirements are that they must be students from partners with a very similar program.

It is also well explained on

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