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Hi! I am Yannieck, I'm 24 years old and currently a third year student Hotel Management at Saxion! Please feel free to ask me all your questions about the Hotel Management Course, studying at Saxion, living in the Netherlands or any other question you have:)

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  • Hotel Management
    Hi Yannieck,Also uhm how is first year hotel management like in terms of work load..syllabus structure etc.. Thank you :)
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    Hi Angela!
    The work load can be roughly described as 20 hours a week in contact hours, so hours in which you have to come to the University and when you have classes. There will be another 20 hours a week which we call 'self-study', so hours that you have to study yourself and that you have to work on (group)assignments.

    Of this 40 hours a week, around 50% is theory, 45% practical and group work and 5% is student Career Counseling.

    Within this link you can find more information about the content/structure of the Hotel Management Course and the subjects you will get every year: https://www.saxion.edu/programmes/bachelor/hotel-management/course-content

    I hope this information helps you out :)

  • Hotel Management
    Hi Yannieck,I am curently looking for student housing closer to appeldoorn. Can you please recommend anychousing agency close to these areas? Thank you :)
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    Hi Angela! Thank you for your message, I hope you are doing well!
    Saxion provides accommodation in Apeldoorn and Deventer. The accommodation in Apeldoorn is of course near the University (Hotel Management Course). Deventer is a little bit further (around 10 min. by train) but the city is bigger and there are more (international) students located there.

    I am sending you this link: https://www.saxion.edu/studying-in-the-netherlands/practical-matters/accommodation
    Saxion has contracts with local student housing associations, you can find more information about student housing here. You can also find here examples of the Saxion housing buildings!
    Within this link you can find frequently asked questions about Saxion student housing, for more information :)

    Another way of finding a room near Apeldoorn or Deventer might also be this Facebook group:

    If you still have troubles finding a suitable place, then send an email to housing@saxion.nl - they can send you a list of housing agencies in the region!

    I hope this answered your question!
    If you still have questions please do not hesitate to contact us :)



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