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I'm a Brazilian / Italian 2nd year Applied Computer Science student. I really enjoy my course programme and outside of uni I love to play football and computer games!

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  • Technische Informatica
    Hi, I'm looking for a laptop to study ACS. Which screen size is the sweet spot and how much RAM is required? Which softwares are going to be used throughout the course. Thanks!
    vroeg 11 maanden, 1 week geleden
    zei 11 maanden geleden

    Hi Nguyen,

    I'm not sure if you have any programming experience, but I didn't when I started and I would recommend at least 15'' monitor for it (although at home I use a 21'' monitor which makes a huge difference). I say this because as you are looking through several lines of codes and perhaps at multiple classes at once you could benefit greately from having them side by side and still legible.
    For other simulations softwares you use it is beneficial to split your screen between output and code as well, so if you can have a 17'' laptop that would be ideal, although bear in mind that you will bring it to uni everyday, so a 15'' one might be a good compromise.
    In terms of RAM, if you only use Win10 for now I would say to go for at least 8Gb. The softwares we use are not that heavy, but some simulations do benefit from it. If you have less than 8Gb I would recommend you install a Linux distro as well.
    An SSD instead of a hard-drive would be great (and that's in general). Graphics wise you don't need that much to be honest.
    I currently have an i5 2.4Ghz, with 8 Gb ram, SSD and an older nVidia GPU with 2 Gb ram dedicated and that's more than enough.
    In terms of software you will at some point use the JetBrains IDEs for C/C++, Java and even Python. On top of them you will use Multisim and Utilboard from National Instruments, Quartus Prime, MatLab, Atmel Studio among others.

    Hope this helps!

  • Technische Informatica
    Hello, Let’s say I have enough money to pay for all the expenses for the first year. Is it possible to find a work in the field (I already have 3 years experience atm) on my 2nd year of studies, like a part time job? Thing is, I won’t have money for 3 years straight anyway. Do people manage that?
    vroeg 11 maanden, 3 weken geleden
    zei 11 maanden, 3 weken geleden

    Hi Max,

    That could depend on a few things. If you come from an EU country, it is indeed much easier to find a job as non-EU students require a work permit which is given by a company that would lie to hire you.
    To find a job in the Computer Science field it would depend on your current CV and skills, as there are quite a few tech companies in the area, although personally I do not know of many students that have a job in the field, but at the same time, most students do not have previous experience in the field either.
    Although there are other part time jobs you can find, from call centres, to food delivery or even working at Saxion itself as a student ambassador for example. Most people that want to have a part time job end up find one after being here between 6 month and a year.
    One other thing is that if you are from outside the EU there are also scholarships you could have. You can read about it here:

    Hope this helps!

  • Technische Informatica
    Hallo,ik heb een vraag over het aanschaffen van een laptopwelke specificaties moet ik aanhouden?en kan het bijvoorbeeld ook een Macbook zijn of moet het perse een windows laptop zijn?
    vroeg 1 jaar geleden
    zei 1 jaar geleden

    Hey there Giel,

    I think I understood your question correctly.
    In terms of laptop requirements, the first recommendation I would give is that it has either a Windows or Linux OS, as some of the software used is not supported by MacOS (so you would require a virtual Windows).
    In terms of specs, it doesn't need to be too powerful, I'd say if you have an i5 processor with at least 4gb ram you should be able to run everything quite smoothly. An SSD is definitely recommended too, as you will be using your laptop almost the whole time so having a quick boot and overall performance is a plus!
    Just for comparison, I have a laptop from 6 years ago, with an i5 2.4 Ghz, 8Gb of Ram DDR3, an nVidia GT635M (quite weak) and an SSD and it is still more than enough to run all that you need.
    Hope this helps!

  • Technische Informatica Future Course Content
    Hello Stundent / Students! A colleague at my internship followed the "Applied Computer Science" programme at Saxion.He said, "if I took 2 more (electrical engineering) classes during my education, I would've gotten 2 bachelors degrees". I'd like to know if this is correct.Kind regards,Wiebe
    vroeg 1 jaar, 2 maanden geleden
    zei 1 jaar, 2 maanden geleden

    Hi there Wiebe,

    That information is partially correct.
    During the first year, the course curriculum for both ACS and EEE is very similar, so in this case, ACS students have the opportunity to take on three extra courses (one in quarter 3 and two in quarter 4). If the student is successful in all of these, including its own courses, he or she will be awarded with a double Propedeuse diploma. The Propedeuse is a certificate for the completion of the first year of higher education.
    This does not mean that it is a double Bachelor, as to achieve that, the student would also need to take on the extra 2nd, 3rd and 4th year courses, meaning it is a much greater task!
    One caveat for this is that it is only applicable to students from EU countries at no extra cost. A student from a country outside of the EU would need to pay a second tuition fee in order to get the double Propedeuse certificate.

    Hopefully this is helpful!

  • Creative Media and Game Technologies Entry Requirements
    Hello! I am going to apply to saxion and at the moment i am working with a friend on a game. The question is, will i be able to present the game at the Intake Interview even if it was made in a collaboration with a friend?
    vroeg 1 jaar, 3 maanden geleden
    zei 1 jaar, 2 maanden geleden

    Hi Andrei-Daniel,

    This question will need to be examined by the specific course director.
    Could you please email with a brief explanation of your game, so they can forward it to the relevant person.


  • Elektrotechniek
    Hi, I have an interest in electronic and electrical engineering, at present, I am studying 12 grade in India, is there any special requirement for Indians and what language the course taught, is it mandatory to know dutch if u want to study in the university, what would the entire cost? thank you
    vroeg 1 jaar, 4 maanden geleden
    zei 1 jaar, 3 maanden geleden

    Hi Anirudh,

    That would be a great choice as the course programme for Electronic and Electrical Engineering is great. You find find all admission requirements at:

    The course is entirely in English, so you do not need to know any Dutch to join. There are thousands of other international students and as you can imagine, not many of them speak Dutch at all (myself included). The only thing you will need to do is to provide an English proficiency certificate, although since you are from India it might not be necessary if your High School diploma states that your education is already in English language.

    For costs, you can find all information including breakdown of separate fees on:

    As a heads up, you will need over €13k for the first year, which includes tuition fees, accommodation for the year and visa fees.

    Hope this helps!


  • Fashion & Textile Technologies
    Hello,I am into studying fashion and textile technologies at Saxion university but I haven't found any information of which subjects we are going to take a step into and how looks each year of learning over there. Would it be possible to get more details about this course?Thank yoy
    vroeg 1 jaar, 3 maanden geleden
    zei 1 jaar, 3 maanden geleden

    Hey Jomante,

    You can take a look at the link:

    There it is explained what subjects you will be taking and how to course programme works!
    Hope this helps!


  • Technische Informatica
    Vanaf September biedt het Saxion een Engelstalige variant van de opleiding. Zou jij die kiezen? Waarom wel of niet?
    vroeg 5 jaar, 10 maanden geleden
    zei 1 jaar geleden

    Hi Dion,

    Since we do not have Dutch ambassadors yet for this course, I'll try to answer in the perspective of some of my colleagues. There are about 4 Dutch students which have joined the international group since the beginning of their bachelor.
    Reason being is that besides the Power Point slides made by the professors, and the actual lectures, everything else is in English.
    Most books on computing are in English as well as most of the help you can find online, such as Stack Overflow and etc.
    Additionally, from the 2nd year there is project work where is mandatory for your group to be half Dutch / half International, meaning that the spoken language is exclusively English.
    Hence my recommendation as a foreigner would be the following:

    - If you are very confident in your English, then you could join the International class already, since computer science in general is mostly in English, worldwide.
    - If you feel like you could improve your English still, you could join the Dutch course, as the first year will be mainly in Dutch, and take this year as an opportunity to improve your English further, ahead of the 2nd year.

    Hope this helps!


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