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  • Creative Media and Game Technologies
    Are there any programming languages that was or going to be used? If so, what was it? Are there any specific mathematics involved? If yes, could you give some examples?
    vroeg 1 jaar, 10 maanden geleden
    zei 1 jaar, 10 maanden geleden

    Hi Gabriel! The programming languages that I have used in the past two years are the following:
    C#, Processing, Scratch, PHP, SQL, JavaScript, jQuery. Also, not exactly a programming language, but HTML and CSS.

    As far as mathematics are concerned, we don't do any maths.

    If you have any other questions just let me know :)

  • Creative Media and Game Technologies
    I have huge passion for Gaming,and i have Java experience. But in terms of drawing, i really don't have clue about this,will it become an barrier?
    vroeg 2 jaar, 1 maand geleden
    zei 2 jaar, 1 maand geleden

    Not at all!
    You'll have drawing classes, but you're not expected to become a professional in this: I graduated and I still can't draw 😝
    What is more important is learning concepts such as shadow/lights, etc...
    If you're already have experience in programming and likes games, this is the study programme for you!

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