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I graduated at Saxion in 2014. I am completely in love with the Netherlands ♥️

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  • Creative Media and Game Technologies
    How should that game that is in entry requirements look? Because i have never programmed a game I am more of a photoshop, after effects person.. Thanks in advance. :D
    vroeg 1 jaar, 4 maanden geleden
    zei 1 jaar, 4 maanden geleden

    Hi Antonio!
    You can check the requirements for the assignment here:

    The programming part of it is quite simple. As you have more skills in Photoshop and After Effects you can explore those skills by creating an interesting caracter, for example.

    The examination board doesn't expect to have a complex and finished product, but to evaluate what you're capable of delivering so far, and your potential once you improve your skills during the course.

    Good luck!

  • Creative Media and Game Technologies
    Can you find a part-time job there? I mean, is it difficult for someone that doesn’t speak Dutch to find a job?
    vroeg 1 jaar, 5 maanden geleden
    zei 1 jaar, 5 maanden geleden

    Hey Olger!

    It depends! I had friends who found a job quite quickly and other who complained it was quite difficult. I think in the end it really goes in hand with your motivation and creativity. If you're not afraid to look (and hear some no's), you can find a part-time job. Of course I advise you to have enough savings for at least the first 3 months.

  • Creative Media and Game Technologies
    How much did you know before you entered the course?like what coding languages or did you have any experience 3d modelling or animating before this?what sort of skills should you know
    vroeg 1 jaar, 7 maanden geleden
    zei 1 jaar, 7 maanden geleden

    I had some experience in web programming, but no experience at all in 3d modelling.

    It would be nice for you to get familiar with the basics of programming, the language doesn't matter THAT MUCH as the concepts. So you can pick up on Phyton or PHP or Javascript - you can find good basis courses online.
    The same goes for some adobe softwares. But you don't need to master anything specific before you start the programme - you'll learn at the programme the path for you, and from there specialise on the softwares / skills you'll use in your career.

  • Creative Media and Game Technologies
    Hi my boyfriend and I were both accepted to saxion (im going for physiotherapy) but hes going for this creative media course and we want to know what the course is like and with VR facilities? What is the accommodation also like? Thanks.
    Samantha Muller
    vroeg 2 jaar, 1 maand geleden
    zei 2 jaar, 1 maand geleden

    There are all essential as wel as specific VR accomodations to support you in designing innovative prototypes but not so much in a medical sense at the creative media studies building.

    Physiotherapy depends much more on physical experience our bodies directly and less on visualizing it by means of computers however a combination of both is what is said could be interesting in the future.

    Enschede is a good place to discuss this not only at school. For example could you meet people afterschool at events like the following:


    Hope that is a suffucient answer for you. If not do not hesitate to correct or clarify it.

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  • Creative Media and Game Technologies
    What do you like most about this program? I would love to hear everyone's response to this whether you juniors, sophomores, freshmen, or graduate. Thank you and I'll be looking forward to your replies. :)
    Vincent Bordeaux
    vroeg 2 jaar, 1 maand geleden
    zei 2 jaar, 1 maand geleden

    Hey Vincent!

    What I liked the most is the versatility of the programme. You are in the perfect place to explore different areas, different subjects and you have the best guidance while doing so.

    I followed another bachelor before in my home country, and the experience at Saxion was completely different. During my first bachelor it was like I had to finish a defined curriculum, while at CMGT I was 'in charge' of my future.

    As I graduated a few years ago and have some experience in the digital media industry now, I can also tell that exploring correlated areas brings you a competitive advantage in the workplace.

    As a CMGT student/graduate you'll be really pushing the boundaries of technology and creativity, while being aware of the 'limitations' of technology. You'll be able not only to come up with creative solutions to different issues, but also to implement those solutions.

  • Creative Media and Game Technologies
    I have huge passion for Gaming,and i have Java experience. But in terms of drawing, i really don't have clue about this,will it become an barrier?
    vroeg 2 jaar, 4 maanden geleden
    zei 2 jaar, 4 maanden geleden

    Not at all!
    You'll have drawing classes, but you're not expected to become a professional in this: I graduated and I still can't draw 😝
    What is more important is learning concepts such as shadow/lights, etc...
    If you're already have experience in programming and likes games, this is the study programme for you!

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  • Creative Media and Game Technologies
    What do you like most about the programme?
    vroeg 3 jaar, 6 maanden geleden
    zei 3 jaar, 6 maanden geleden

    The diversity in the given subjects. You really get to know a lot and you can diver want you do and do not like.

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  • Elektrotechniek
    Hi, I have few questions to ask; 1. When should I come to Enschede to be fully prepared and ready for the Sep intake? Can I come on the 1st of August for example? 2. Could you please explain more to me how is the semester like, regarding the subjects, studying and so on? 3. Internships paid?
    vroeg 3 jaar, 11 maanden geleden
    zei 3 jaar, 9 maanden geleden

    Hi Amin!

    It's good to arrive at least one week before the introduction, so you have time to get familiar with the city. When I started, I arrived around mid-August.

    You can get an impression of how the academic year looks like here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EV5uS067ECg&list=PLVxbxX3iRJ2TQv9VYlk8-GtFb8qxS6DpJ

    And regarding internships: It depends on the company.
    Most internships pay a (small) fee, but it depends on the agreement you make with the company.


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