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Tourism Management

Deventer · 19 ambassadors · 28 questions
Linda Pleuger
Kaloian Arnaudov
Luzi Pleiss
Guusje Brand
Vera Borren
Yeganeh Omidi
Chiel Hento
Cristina Voina
Juliana Peerboom
Lara Heinze

The Tourism Management programme relates directly to issues and developments within the industry. You will work on real life business cases and learn to recognize opportunities, taking into account both people and nature. You will know exactly what travelers want, how you create the best experience for them and how you provide hospitable service. “Compared to Germany, the program in the Netherlands focuses more on practical experience and gives you the opportunity to go abroad, which was one of the decisive factor why I chose the Netherlands. Furthermore, I wanted to study in English since it’s important to speak English in the international tourism industry.” Denise, from Germany 🇩🇪

Answered questions

Tourism Management

Is there any student association for tourism management student?

Ardhana , 3 days ago
Tourism Management

Is it there any student comunity or extraculicular in saxion?

Mitha, 26 days ago
Tourism Management

Is it possible to transfer to Breda University to follow the study Tourism Management after having completed the first year of the study Tourism Management in Saxion Deventer

Thies, 28 days ago
Tourism Management

Dimana saya menemukan universitas yang baik?

Christin, about 1 month ago
Tourism Management

Hello,my name is Milena.I have an urgent question.The documents for applying are required to be translated in english?Or they are okay in German?

Milena , about 1 month ago
Tourism Management

Thank you for your answer, but I like to have a closer look into the schedule. There is any possibility that you could send me a picture as example?

Lucia Audrey Segura Gutierrez, 2 months ago
Tourism Management

hi, In less than 5 months I will finish school. I am interested in tourism management and would like to apply to this university. what should I do next, what program or studies should I follow to start?

Ingrid, 3 months ago
Tourism Management

What does the schedule look like more or less? How many hours at campus and at home study should I expect weekly?

Lucía , 3 months ago
Tourism Management

Hi. Do you offer international tourism bachelor course?

Ingrid , 3 months ago
Tourism Management

Can an English speaking student study Tourism Management (Bachelor)

Cameron , 5 months ago
Tourism Management

BHM programme is not available for international student.

Raj Adhikari, 5 months ago
Tourism Management

In which years is there an internship and for how long?

Reka, 8 months ago
Tourism Management

Hi! My name is Briana,and in less than 2 years I will move in Netherlands to study Tourism Management.I have a question do I need to have a baccalaureate degree in math to study Toursim Managemant?

Briana, 9 months ago
Tourism Management

Hi, I am international student, I got many questions need to ask u, can I get your WhatsApp to discuss easily?

Catherine Leo, 10 months ago
Tourism Management

Hi! My name is Andrea and I am 21 years old. In university we should present your university, so i thought maybe you could tell me some things, like what makes your university and the subject Tourismanagement special? :)

Andrea, 10 months ago
Tourism Management

Hi, I was wondering id French or German started in a "begginers" level.

Elsa, 11 months ago
Tourism Management

Hi, as a future Erasmus student how can I find out the course content to know what subjects there are?

Isabel, 12 months ago
Tourism Management

What is the refund policy, including the deadlines, for non-EU students if they wish to leave after making the full payment

Hakan, 12 months ago
Tourism Management

Hi, I’ve heard that most Dutch education institutions uses software and programs on the computer which are not compatible with MacBooks.Is that true? Just over a year ago I bought a MacBook which I intended to use for university only.

Angelina, about 1 year ago
Tourism Management

How Much should I expect course literature to cost per year?

Angelina, about 1 year ago
Tourism Management

Hi, I'd like to have more information about the foreign languages. As I am proficient in English and good in French and German, is there any chance to co on studying French at an advanced level? Thanks

Elena, over 1 year ago
Tourism Management

i want to know about the tuition fee of tourism management subject? as a international student, how much money i have to pay in your university?

rakibul hasan, about 2 years ago
Tourism Management

Hi! I have a student that is in doubt between tourism and hotel-management. So I would like to get in touch with students from both programs to see if they can help making a choice! Thanks

Lonnie, about 2 years ago
Tourism Management

Hi! I’m planning to enroll soon but I’d like to ask further questions about the tourism management program; to a student for example by videocall or Whatsapp, do you know someone that could help me?

Eva, about 2 years ago
Tourism Management

Hi, so in less than 2 months I'll be already living in Deventer, I still can't get used to this thought but anyway, my question is when exactly does the introduction week start and when is in your opinion the right time to move in (I'll live at saxion accomodation for 1st yr students) ? Thanks!! :)

Kristína, over 3 years ago
Tourism Management

How many hours do you spend studying per day or a week? What are some "basic" activities students do daily, how do you like to spend your free time? :)

Kristína, almost 4 years ago
Tourism Management

Hey. First of all, are there mandatory subjects that I have to take in school or grades that I have to get? Also, what would you say are the most necessary qualities I should have and would you have some tips for me, as I’m very shy, but I really want to challenge myself? Thank you in advance!

Austeja(Lithuania), almost 4 years ago
Tourism Management

Hi, I have 2 questions: - how good at math do I have to be to be succesful at this course/how much and on which level does the course include math? - what does the SCC (skype interview part) include? any tipsn what should I be prepared for? i'm a bit nervous :/ thank you for your answer!

Kristina, about 4 years ago