International Human Resource Management

Hi, I am from Iran and I would love to study at Saxtion University in the future To enter the field of human resource management, what field do I need to study for three years of high school?Mathematics, experimental sciences or humanities?

8 days ago
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Polina Guzvija
Polina Guzvija
7 days ago

Hi Bita,

To apply for the programme, you would need an IELTS test (6.0), good proficiency of mathematics, and a high school diploma that is recognized by Saxion. You do not need to do extra math classes, but you do need to show some kind of test result from school that shows you know it well, as far as I know. I cannot tell you exactly what you need to study in high school, however you can ask this question to our international office at In addition, here's the requirements for our programme as well:

Hope that helps you!

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