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Thank you for hearing my question. I heard that in Saxion University dormitory is compulsory. Student has no choice in their first year, varsity doesn’t allow students to stay outside of the dormitory. They don't back accommodation fee after reaching NL like other universities. Is is true?

over 3 years ago
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Daphne Kok
Daphne Kok
over 3 years ago

Dear Ronya,

Thank you for your question. As I am from the Netherlands, I am not completely sure how student housing works for international students. However, what I read on the website is the following: "Since it is quite difficult to find suitable housing by yourself, Saxion arranges accommodation for all of our first year international students from outside EU/EEA in Deventer and Enschede" ( ). If you are interested in the Master in Management (MA), then the city you would live in would be Deventer.

I know that my classmates from Vietnam, Iran, Liberia and Bangladesh are also living in the student housing of Saxion at the moment. Since the MA program is only one year, they will stay there for the remainder of the program.

Perhaps it is a good idea to also contact international office regarding your question about the housing. Their email address is:

Hopefully, they can provide you with the exact information. I'm sorry that I cannot help you further regarding this matter.

If you have any other questions regarding the Master in Management (MA), please feel free to ask me. I'm more than happy to help you.

Kind regards,


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