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Hotel Management

Apeldoorn · 23 ambassadors · 16 questions
Iris Naarding
Vasco Pacheco
Deliana Comodini
Lotte Gilbers
Yannieck Wender
Paula Antonia Muresan
Lianne van Dijk
Diede Heutinck
Madelief de Vink
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The programme will provide you with everything you need to start your career with confidence. In the space of four years you will learn how to successfully lead a company in the hospitality business, as an entrepreneur or a manager. You will know how to translate guests’ wishes into appealing products and how to balance running a healthy business and providing excellent service for your guests. "You will be able to expand your knowledge about hospitality and find your own way and place in the industry.” Denisa, from Slovakia 🇸🇰 "I got surprised with the environment at Saxion, it was something I was not expecting, there is such a good relation with everyone including teachers. Saxion is a very big family, my second family." Vasco, from Portugal 🇵🇹

Answered questions

Hotel Management

What do you like most about studying hotel management program in Apeldoorn? Is it a great choice to study there?

Quynh, over 4 years ago
Hotel Management

Hello! Is the fees mentioned for BHM for 1 year or the whole 4 year course?

Parth, 4 months ago
Hotel Management

What are the requirements?

Sakawat, 7 months ago
Hotel Management

Good morning everyone, Since I'm starting to project my application I was wondering what shouldn't absolutely miss in the covering letter for the hotel management program? And if you have any other tips. Thank you and happy new year!

Eva, 10 months ago
Hotel Management

Just wanted to do my Top-Up Degree Program in Hotel Management-Please let me know if possible-Am from Tanzania

Jeremiah Maselle, 11 months ago
Hotel Management

Hi :) I’m an italian student who would like to study hotel management. Moving out scares me a bit and I would like to know if Saxion gives you some support in finding an accommodation and maybe a part time job. Also, how’s the social interaction at saxion? Are there any student events? Thank u ;)

Eva, about 1 year ago
Hotel Management

Hello, I want to know about the internship opportunity and It's paid internship? The total duration of internship available in this course?

Faysal Mahamud, about 1 year ago
Hotel Management

In your opinion, which are the strongest points of the program? Why should it be chosen?

Kateryna, over 1 year ago
Hotel Management

I’ve got couple of questions. Firstly, about opportunities to do an exchange program or to study semester in the other university. Do you have such offer?

Kateryna, over 1 year ago
Hotel Management

Hi Yannieck, Also uhm how is first year hotel management like in terms of work load..syllabus structure etc.. Thank you :)

Angela, over 1 year ago
Hotel Management

Hi Yannieck, I am curently looking for student housing closer to appeldoorn. Can you please recommend anychousing agency close to these areas? Thank you :)

Angela, over 1 year ago
Hotel Management

Hello! I was wondering where I could see the amount of credits a subject of a course is worth? The subjects are listed in the "course content" section, but their credit values are not. Hope you can help! Thanks a lot, Teo

Teo, over 1 year ago
Hotel Management

I am Sushant khadka from nepal.i got 5.5 in ielts. If I applied for saxion then i should give ielts or not? What is the duration of the course?

Sushant , about 3 years ago
Hotel Management

Hello, My name is Klevis I am from Greece and I willl study at the Saxion University for Hotel Management on February(God Willing). And the admission required a CV and a motivation letter. Now my question is how many pages do I need for the CV?And for the motivation letter? Kind Regards Klevis.

Klevis , about 4 years ago
Hotel Management

I am recently waiting for the interview for Hotel Management course. Can you please share me some of your experience about the interview? Besides, I would also like to know about how it's look like to live in Apeldoorn since on Saxion's website there is mostly information about Deventer and Enschede

Linh, over 4 years ago
Hotel Management

hello i am planning to do an exchange next year. I am from Argentina and i want to know how are the studies life, the duration of the classes, how is organized the exams, i know that thre is a lot of practice, real work situations, etc. Well if someone could tell me something it will help me a lot.

nicolas, over 4 years ago