Electrical & Electronic Engineering

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In Electrical and Electronic Engineering you learn how to design microelectronics. This includes printed circuit boards, chips, and batteries in devices you use every day. You will also familiarise yourself with sustainable energy and hardware and learn how to program hardware. The programme offers you many practical modules and projects.

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Electrical & Electronic Engineering

I am applying for electrical engineering bachelor course. I entered to the new application on the portal. Under the program type 9 different types of courses are in the drop list (for example: 01-kşies op maat) but I don't see bachelor course. Which one is the choice for the bachelor course?

ASIM, 11 months ago
Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Hello, the University teaches English for international students or do I already know English?

Luis Bonifacio, over 1 year ago
Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Hi! As mentioned in the course overview, can I opt for nanotechnology at my discretion or it depends on the university? I mean is there any criteria for studying nanotechnology?

Vaikunth, over 1 year ago
Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Hi, I have an interest in electronic and electrical engineering, at present, I am studying 12 grade in India, is there any special requirement for Indians and what language the course taught, is it mandatory to know dutch if u want to study in the university, what would the entire cost? thank you

Anirudh, about 2 years ago
Electrical & Electronic Engineering

1)Is it difficult to find accommodation in Enschede? 2)How many do not manage to pass to the next year and which are the reasons why they don't succeed? 3)Since i am from Greece, do students manage to easily adapt to the English speaking programs?

Petros, over 2 years ago
Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Hi, I have few questions to ask; 1. When should I come to Enschede to be fully prepared and ready for the Sep intake? Can I come on the 1st of August for example? 2. Could you please explain more to me how is the semester like, regarding the subjects, studying and so on? 3. Internships paid?

Amin, over 4 years ago