Creative Media and Game Technologies

What do you like most about this program? I would love to hear everyone's response to this whether you juniors, sophomores, freshmen, or graduate. Thank you and I'll be looking forward to your replies. :)

Vincent Bordeaux
about 5 years ago
1 Answer
Gabriella Fonseca Ribeiro
Gabriella Fonseca Ribeiro
about 5 years ago

Hey Vincent!

What I liked the most is the versatility of the programme. You are in the perfect place to explore different areas, different subjects and you have the best guidance while doing so.

I followed another bachelor before in my home country, and the experience at Saxion was completely different. During my first bachelor it was like I had to finish a defined curriculum, while at CMGT I was 'in charge' of my future.

As I graduated a few years ago and have some experience in the digital media industry now, I can also tell that exploring correlated areas brings you a competitive advantage in the workplace.

As a CMGT student/graduate you'll be really pushing the boundaries of technology and creativity, while being aware of the 'limitations' of technology. You'll be able not only to come up with creative solutions to different issues, but also to implement those solutions.

Is your question still unanswered?