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Hey, I want to study CMGT and I’m looking for some notebooks. Are there notebooks you would recommend? Also, if there are any students who are working with apple devices, if yes, which MacBook? Is it good enough to work with UNITY, etc? Thx

27 days ago
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Joris Kok
Joris Kok
21 days ago

I think you’re looking for the word laptop. We would highly discourage you from using any MacBooks as it will hinder your studies both in computer performance and software compatibility issues. Here are the suggested specs for students starting next year:

disclaimer: these are just recommendations by students and may not match the school websites requirements once they are published

General Specs:

Storage ~2TB of storage (preferably SSD doesn't have to be all internal storage, you can also get an extra external SSD drive)

RAM: 16GB (32GB if you can afford it)

GPU: GTX 1660 or RTX 2060 or higher

CPU: Intel: i7 or higher (2 gens ago is fine), AMD: Ryzen7 (2 gens ago is fine)

MacBook isn't recommended

For Artists:

1440p screen recommended might have to get a better gpu for this though.

Screen Type: IPS screen panel

For Designers/Engineer:

1080p screen recommended

Screen Type: doesn't rlly matter IPS probably looks best though

Hope this helps! Investing in a good laptop that will last you the 4 years is important, so don’t shy away from buying a laptop that has significantly higher specs than these.

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