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Nice to see that you are interested in becoming one of our international student ambassadors!

The main activity of an ambassador is helping out our community of potential students who are planning to study at Saxion. A while ago you have been in the same situation like they are and maybe you also would have wished for the insights of more experienced students.

Right now you are the more experienced student and therefore also a credible source about studying at Saxion and the associated life as an international student in the Netherlands. Whenever you see a question to which you have a good answer then you can simply answer it right away at a suitable time for you.

Besides answering questions, there are even more activities that you could help us out with:

Sharing your experience via written testimonials:

Testimonials are articles about your personal experience at Saxion, living in the Netherlands, choice of your study or studying abroad etc. With this information you can share your authentic experience with potential students. Check some of the examples of testimonials about studying in the Netherlands and the study choice.

Participating in videos:

As an ambassador you can also participate in videos that will be published on our Saxion website, YouTube or Instagram in which you share your experience as an international Saxion student. You can see some examples of those videos here and here.

Participating in photoshoots:

If you would like to become one of the faces of Saxion and appear on either our online channels but also in brochures, then you can also participate in several photoshoots that we organize throughout the year. The people on the pictures that you see on this page are also international Saxion students.

Participating in advisory and feedback groups:

We want to create an honest communication about studying at Saxion. Also there are several other departments within Saxion that need input regarding their services for international Saxion students. During the participating in advisory and feedback groups, you will be able to give your honest opinion about different activities and plans so that we can improve them.

Instagram takeovers:

During an Instagram takeover you are going to create content for Instagram, share your interesting story or activities you are involved in such as internship or a competition and be in charge of the Saxion account for a day for which you can come up with your own creative ideas.

Participating in online and on-site recruitment events abroad and at Saxion

As an ambassador you can also participate in online and on-site recruitment events abroad. During on-site events you will travel to your home country or country where you finished your high school to share your experiences about studying at Saxion and answer all kinds of questions that potential students have.

Ambassadors will also take part in online events that are organized by recruitment agencies from specific countries. Usually those events are sessions with interviews with potential students during which they can ask their question.

Apart from online events from recruitment agencies, you can also participate in online events organized by Saxion – our Digital Discovery Day is the most important example for that. In online sessions you will share your authentic and honest experience about your study at Saxion and in the Netherlands.

Hosting potential students during our “Student for a Day” events

Potential students who seriously consider studying at Saxion can become a student for a day at Saxion. Simply said you will organize that visit by meeting the student and showing him or her around at Saxion and show them everything that you think is worth seeing. In consultation you’re your study programme, you could also take the student to classes so that they can get a real feeling of studying at Saxion and ask all their questions to you.

How will you be selected for the activities?

After filling in the registration form you will get a profile on IntoSaxion and will also be added to the database of student ambassadors of the International Office / OSS of Saxion. When certain activities are announced, you will be able to sign up for them and you might be selected based on criteria that are needed for the activity (e.g. your study program, spoken languages etc.) Please bear in mind that we cannot guarantee a fixed number of activities per student ambassadors.

Activities for which you can apply will be regularly communicated to you via either the IntoSaxion website, a specific Microsoft teams group to which you will be added after signing up. Besides that, some specific activities will be communicated directly to you by email.

How will you get rewarded?

Depending on the type of the activity that you have successfully completed, you will be rewarded via the so-called “vrijwilligersvergoeding” or alternatively in the form of a vouchers. The process will be explained in detail after signing up for a activity.

Please bear in mind that we cannot guarantee a fixed number of activities per student ambassadors and that - even though there will be a compensation per activity – being an ambassador has a voluntary character and is not to be seen as a job and you will not get a work contract for this position. We can give you a certificate that will prove that you have been an active ambassador - a valuable addition to your CV!

However the most important motivation that we regularly hear from student ambassadors is pretty simple: they not only meet a lot of new people but also like the fact that they can give back by helping potential students with their study choice and the start to a life-changing journey.

Privacy statement

Information which you will provide for the activities will be used with your consent on our Saxion communication channels, such as our website, our social media platforms or MijnSaxion. Contact details and other personal information not required for activities will be kept private.

If you have any further questions regarding this application, then please send a mail to Artur Jarosiewicz via internationaloffice@saxion.nl.

We are looking forward to working with you!

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