Software Engineering (HBO-ICT)

Keen to design and develop creative applications? Within Software Engineering you will learn to design and develop software: from idea to realization. Learn all about subjects such as: programming, databases, the Internet, designing and developing methods for software, web applications, mobile applications, server-side software, search engines, system architecture, networks, security etc. You can specialize in different subjects such as Big Data Technologies, User Experience Software or the Internet of Things.


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  • Luís Felipe vraagt 30 mei 2019
    Hi, my name is Luis, I'm a Brazilian applicant for this programme, and I was wondering if I could begin a conversation with a current international student regarding first year expenses and how this progresses as years go by. My inquiries exceed the character limit, so I can't list them all here :/
    Nadhila zegt 04 jun 2019

    Hi Luis! Check out this video by Saxion regarding general costs

    If you aren't comfortable disclosing your questions here, feel free to contact me via linkedin by in/nadhilasavira or instagram @nadhilasavira. I'll be happy to answer your questions according to my experience!

  • Adam vraagt 27 mrt 2019
    Are there any specific mathematics involved beside programming/coding? Thank you! :)
    Nadhila zegt 19 mei 2019

    Yes! Algorithms is very important in the program.

  • Lucia vraagt 11 mei 2019
    Hi, I am starting my program this year. Unfortunately I am having some issues with managing my arrival as I am working abroad. Skipping introduction week, when do actually classes start / when is latest possible time for me to arrive without skipping any class?Thank you and happy coding everyone ;)
    Nadhila zegt 19 mei 2019

    Normally the first Monday of September is when classes start, unfortunate that you can't make it to the HOI Week tho. Still looking forward to see you in the Netherlands!

  • Nam vraagt 26 aug 2018
    Where can I buy book that already been used?Thanks!
    Nadhila zegt 25 mrt 2019 or, or sometimes even in Marktplaats!

  • Phuc vraagt 19 sep 2018
    Just a personal question here : do you think that i can deal with Software Engineering Bachelor -(which i am going to apply in ) even though i don’t have any coding backgroundI just working with Python several times ( i don’t have any basic knowledge or how to solve the problem by code, either )
    Nadhila zegt 25 mrt 2019

    Certainly! A lot of the students actually have never coded ever, and they can still catch up.

  • Jane vraagt 27 feb 2019
    Hi, I want to ask what kind of programming language are taught at Saxion during the first semester there? Please let me know
    Nadhila zegt 25 mrt 2019

    Hi! First semester is mostly Java

  • Jane vraagt 27 feb 2019
    Hi, I want to ask what kind of programming language are taught at Saxion during the first semester there? Please let me know
    Nadhila zegt 27 feb 2019

    Hi Jane! The first semester would be introduction to Java. You can find more info here:

  • Alex vraagt 05 dec 2018
    What kind of internships can I do?
    Nadhila zegt 19 dec 2018

    Hi! For Software Engineers, you can go for any software, android app, website developments, anything you can think of that's relevant! There's no limit to what you can do, it all depends on what you want to do ;)

  • ruikang vraagt 14 dec 2018
    If student fail the first year, do they have any chance to remedy?
    Nadhila zegt 19 dec 2018

    Hi! After every exam, you get one more chance to resit that exam in case you failed within the same year. If you fail again, you can redo it in the next year at the same quartile.

    It requires 45 (or 48) ECTs in order to pass the first year, and this rule is strictly applied. If you obtain 44 or less ECTs, you cannot continue the study next year. Either you choose a different study, or redo the same study in two years (it's not allowed to redo the first year of the same study continuously).

  • Phuc vraagt 19 sep 2018
    An additional to my previous questionAnytime i start to code then it was a total disaster for me when i was wrong even though they were all correctP/s : you can ask a professor in your school to answer it , but i wouldn’t mind if you guys answer i need to know this because i will study aboard so
    Nadhila zegt 19 sep 2018

    Well, we all have guidance throughout school, internship, and graduation. The teachers always have a solution for you. This doesn't only concern your academic progress, but also everything else around it. Studying aboard can be scary, but don't be scared! There are a lot of people doing the same thing you will do and everyone's ready to help.

  • Phuc vraagt 19 sep 2018
    Just a personal question here : do you think that i can deal with Software Engineering Bachelor -(which i am going to apply in ) even though i don’t have any coding backgroundI just working with Python several times ( i don’t have any basic knowledge or how to solve the problem by code, either )
    Nadhila zegt 19 sep 2018

    Hello! In Saxion, we take baby steps! You will be given the basics of programming first before the advanced part ;) It's good enough that you have worked with Python, it will be useful later on to work with Java, C++, and Android programming. As long as you keep up a good motivation, you'll do fine!

  • Evelyn Thea vraagt 18 jun 2018
    Hello, I am from Indonesia and going to study in Saxion starting in August this year.I was wondering if you could give me information regarding what banking service you use here? And how does it work? Thank you
    Nadhila zegt 19 jun 2018

    You can simply open a student account here, most students use ING or Rabo Bank. To open an account, come to the bank with identification, acceptance letter from school (get it from student desk at school) and your BSN number. Your BSN number comes a couple of weeks after your arrival, so you can tell them that your BSN number is on progress and you can give it to them in a couple of weeks. That's it! Then you have a bank account. It would be very handy to have since people here pay everything using their cards instead of cash.

  • Artem vraagt 10 jun 2018
    Hello! I want to ask, if it is realistic to study Software Engeneering in Saxion and live in Utrecht? Does anyone do that or not?
    Nadhila zegt 11 jun 2018

    Hello Artem! It takes about an hour to travel between Utrecht and Deventer. It is doable, but of course it depends on your preference. Some students here do prefer to travel because they live with their parents, so it is not uncommon.

  • Norbi vraagt 12 apr 2017
    Are the softwares used in this program available for Mac users? Will I be able to complete the course without installing a windows virtual machine?
    Nadhila zegt 26 mei 2018

    Yes! Most of the programming is done using IntelliJ IDEA by JetBrains. You can install this on a Mac.

  • Umair vraagt 18 apr 2018
    Hey. Anyone from nepal Bangladesh srilanka pakistan can just tell me that in how much time did their visa came when it was applied. Really stressing outRegards umair
    IntoSaxion zegt 24 apr 2018

    Hi Umair!

    Questions regarding Visa and official documentation can be answered by the International Office only. You can contact them at

  • Tibor vraagt 23 jun 2017
    Hi!I got 2 questions.Can you compile a precise and accurate list of the programming languages being taught during the 4 years?What are your thoughts on this article? Is HBO-ICT really that bad?
    IntoSaxion zegt 27 jun 2017

    Hi Tibor,

    We have no ambassadors for your programme yet, but here's an answer from your academy.
    If you have other questions, let us know! You can also find us on Facebook:

    "The article is based on job descriptions for jobs in IT that existed in the milennium, but as IT changes fast, IT jobs have different names nowadays and different requirements.

    The fact is that here, in the Netherlands, there is a huge shortage of staff in IT and that's one of the reasons that we offer an international study programme: Dutch IT companies also hire staff from abroad for IT jobs. IT companies are very international in NL. Many of our first year students have jobs in IT for one day a week and all our graduates have a well payed job at their graduation ceremony, often in the company were they graduated. There is NO unemployment in IT.

    Which IT languages you will learn: all my software engineer colleagues say that this is a typical question! They say that the language choice depends on the context: whether you are programming for a web application or not. There are a few concepts that are important. If you know them, you can learn other languages in 20 minutes. We have chosen for concepts as Java (as it an open source language) , C++, Java Script (for web app) and other languages depending on the context. Students don't get lectures in PHP, ASP etc but use it when necessary. It is not a problem for them.

    Although there are plenty of jobs, employees need a bachelor diploma, good skills in software development and teamwork skills and the study is not easy. We have many drop outs, because students focus on work instead of study and end up with a BSA. Without a good diploma they will not get a proper job in an IT company. You will have to study hard (and not only in your first year). IT is serious business and life long learning (as IT changes very fast)"

  • Paramitha Aryananda Tioputri vraagt 30 nov 2016
    I'd like to ask you about how to get a host family that consider me as their own daughter there. Honestly, the living cost and accommodation there are so expensive. But I have a strong determination to study to Saxion University. I would be very happy if you want to help me to find a host family:)
    IntoSaxion zegt 30 nov 2016

    Hi Paramitha,

    There is a Buddy Project, they can help you with getting the right host family. If you want more information just e-mail to:

    With kind regards,

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