International Finance & Accounting

In International Finance and Accounting theory and practical experience go hand in hand. This degree is an excellent basis for a career in business or public service in your own country or abroad. It also offers the possibility to do your master's at a university in or outside of The Netherlands. The content is similar to that of the Dutch Business Economics degree.

As a financial specialist you are indispensable. After all, every business needs a financial expert to stay on top of its financial well-being. Besides financial knowledge you will need communication skills to present your plans to your manager. This study provides you with the financial knowledge and hands-on experience you need, and ample opportunity to develop your intercultural communication skills.

"Accounting and Finance is not about Maths 😊
Be ready to explore different field of studies and other subjects like communication and so on."
Vasile, from Moldova 🇲🇩


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    I am Dutch, so from the beginning I decided to stay in the Netherlands to study. To be honest I didn’t even look at other countries, I knew for sure I wanted to study in the Netherlands. However I didn’t ...

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  • Tour with Nadia, from Indonesia

  • Tour with Vasile, from Moldova

  • What is it like to study International Finance & Accounting at Saxion?

Vragen van bezoekers

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  • Melina vraagt 16 jun 2019
    Hello, I am going to start the IFA in September. Is there anyone who has all the books from the first year and is willing to sell for a student price? Greets, Melina
    Veerle zegt 16 jun 2019


    I'm sure that there will be somebody willing to sell their books. In the first week the introduction week, some first year students will help, you can ask them if they know somebody who still needs to sell the books.

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  • Zafran vraagt 19 jun 2019
    Hello, my name is Zafran. Well, I'm going to start studying at IFA in September. I have several questions for you. Actually, is there something that I should prepare before the classes start? And do you know where I can buy all books for my study especially for first year?. Thanks
    Victor Nosa zegt 19 jun 2019

    Hi Zafran,
    I'm glad that you are enthusiastic to start with us at IFA. we will be so glad to see you in September. To me, I would say a No because the course would start from scratch make sure you are well prepared for the second year. The Lectures are really willing to help yu anytime. But if you Eager not to take any chances, I would give you my Facebook name"Apst Prophetic Young" and we will start from there.

    For the books, I can also connect you to First-year students who may be willing to sell their books. Just message me on Facebook and let the process begin.

    See you on my Inbox.

  • Zafran vraagt 19 jun 2019
    Hello, my name is Zafran. Well, I'm going to start studying at IFA in September. I have several questions for you. Actually, is there something that I should prepare before the classes start? And do you know where I can buy all books for my study especially for first year?. Thanks
    Iris zegt 19 jun 2019

    Hi Zafran. Nice that you are going to start in september. You do not need to prepare something before the class starts, just bring a good attitude. For the books, a booklist will be uploaded mid august on the . Good luck with your IFA adventure.

  • Jonna vraagt 16 apr 2019
    Zijn er naast Business Administration en Finance and Accounting nog andere universitaire masters die ik na deze studie kan volgen?
    Victor Nosa zegt 18 jun 2019

    There are a lot of options of a master you could follow after you bachelor, depending on what you want.

    I hope I have answered your question if not, you could ask more.

    Kind regards

  • Jonna vraagt 16 apr 2019
    Zijn er naast Business Administration en Finance and Accounting nog andere universitaire masters die ik na deze studie kan volgen?
    Veerle zegt 16 apr 2019

    Ja, met ifa kun je door studeren voor een ACCA, of je kunt een master doen gerelateerd aan business of finance

  • David vraagt 02 apr 2019
    Hoi. Kunnen afgestudeerde mbo-studenten (Financieel Bedrijfsadministrateur niveau 4) zonder problemen met deze opleiding starten, wanneer zij zich voor 1 mei inschrijven? Moet je goed in wiskunde zijn? En als laatst, heeft er ooit wel eens een mbo-student deze opleiding gehaald?
    Veerle zegt 03 apr 2019

    Hallo David,

    Jahoor dit is geen probleem, zelf heb ik mbo detailhandel niveau 4 gedaan, en met sommige vakken heb je zelfs een klein voordeel. En ja zeker hebben MBO studenten ook deze studie gehaald, zolang je zelf gemotiveerd bent kom je al een heel eind.

  • David vraagt 18 mrt 2019
    Hallo. Hoe goed moet je in Engels zijn om mee te kunnen komen? Moet jouw Engels over het algemeen 'gevorderd' zijn, wanneer je aan deze opleiding begint? Ik heb namelijk het gevoel dat alleen studenten met een gevorderd Engels deze opleiding kunnen volgen.
    Veerle zegt 18 mrt 2019

    Hallo David,
    Dit is zeker niet het geval, in de eerste weken wordt er hard aan je engels gewerkt, de meeste studenten die aan deze opleiding beginnen sorenen geen engels als moedertaal, waardoor voor iedereen het Engels aan het begin moeilijk/spannend is. Mijn engels was ook zeker niet gevorderd toen ik aan deze studie begon!

  • AnaMaria vraagt 20 feb 2019
    Hi! I have a little restraint ... I applied for this program online. The point is that I graduated from high school last year and because I moved in the autumn of Romania to Germany I could not apply immediately to a faculty, and now I'm afraid that if I'm lucky to be accepted in this faculty, I hop
    Victor Nosa zegt 20 feb 2019

    If i could understand your question very well, You Applied, Did you get Any feedback yet? Since you are in Germany, you can come for the last Open day to get more insight.. You can make you question a bit clearer , or ask more to get clearified. We are here to assist you..

  • Joshua vraagt 19 feb 2019
    Where do i find the pricing for this study?
    Veerle zegt 19 feb 2019

    In the Netherlands you pay for the first year 1,038 euros, from the second year on, you will pay 2,076 each year.

  • David vraagt 05 feb 2019
    Hallo. Ik heb 3 vragen. Hoe groot is de kans op een baan in het buitenland, wanneer je IHRM hebt afgerond? Bijvoorbeeld in de USA of de UK.Moet je een toptalent in Engels zijn als je deze opleiding wilt volgen? En is deze opleiding over het algemeen 'lastig' ?
    Veerle zegt 05 feb 2019

    Hallo David,

    Ik kan niet helemaal opmaken of je een vraag hebt over International human resource management, of International finance and accounting? Met IFA is de kans op een baan in het buitenland zeer aanwezig. Bij deze studie hoef je zeker geen toptalent tezijn in engels, dat geldt voor alle internationale studies. Ook geldt voor elke studie dat je gemotiveerd moet zijn, en dat er zeker wat tijd in gaat zitten, maar dan is de studie prima te volgen.

  • Alex vraagt 22 jan 2019
    It's very indulging and more practical in the field.
    Victor Nosa zegt 30 jan 2019

    Dear Alex,

    Saxion is practical oriented and IFA gives you a better edge for the international world. You will be able to get life experience in Investing and all of that. they just need your presence. Looking forward for you.

  • Alex vraagt 23 jan 2019
    How can I join the institution?
    Vasile zegt 24 jan 2019

    You can join Saxion by applying to it via website!

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  • Erika vraagt 14 aug 2018
    Is someone here who knows if we have to buy all Books? :-)
    Seima Ishaq zegt 14 aug 2018

    Dear Erika,

    Yes you need to buy all the books as you will be needing them for +3 years.
    I am currently selling my books , if your interested please let me know :)

    My e-mail address is

    I hope I was able to help you, incase for further question. Don't hesitate to ask :)

    Best Regards,
    Seima Ishaq,

  • Theres vraagt 13 mrt 2018
    Hey, I've got a general question about the personal interview. How does it work in general? Are we only going to talk about my motivation etc. or also about course-specific knowledge?Thank you in advance! :)
    Nadia zegt 14 mrt 2018

    Hi Theres,

    To be honest, for as far as I know, International Finance and Accounting course does not have any personal interview as an entry requirement. In my experience by the way.

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  • Ha vraagt 15 okt 2017
    Hi!! My name is Gia Linh. Iam from Vietnam. I personally admit that I have a strong passion on international Finance and Accounting. Iam wondering if anybody could tell me the possibility of getting a job in this bachelor program not only in the netherlands but also in other EU countries
    Seima Ishaq zegt 15 okt 2017

    Hello Gia,

    With this bachelor you obviously will find a job.

    Since it's an international course offering ample opportunities in the field of finance and accounting.

    Feel free to ask more questions.

    Seima Ishaq.

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  • Julia vraagt 06 sep 2017
    Hey, how long is one semester in winter? When are the exams?
    Seima Ishaq zegt 06 sep 2017

    Hi Julia,

    At Saxion a study year is divided into 4 quarters (2 quarters in Winter and 2 in Summers); 1 quarter consists of 10 weeks. hence 10 weeks in total of which 7 weeks comprise of lectures, during the 8th and 9th week the exams take place.

    I hope I was able to clarify your question. For further questions don't hesitate to ask ;)

  • Lea vraagt 06 aug 2017
    Hi :)Is there someone from the second year, now third year who would like to sell some books from the second year ifa? Thanks!Greets, Lea
    Seima Ishaq zegt 06 aug 2017

    Hello Lea,
    I have two books to sell
    Corporate Governance and Ethics both of the new editions.
    I would advise you to buy the other ones new since you would need them for a longer period of time.
    Just let me know if your interested:))

    Nog 1 antwoord Inklappen

  • Patrick vraagt 02 jul 2017
    Thank you Nadia and Seima, so being a non EU member won't affect my eligibility to pay in installments?
    Nadia zegt 02 jul 2017

    As far as I know, I have an Indonesian friend who pays their tuition in instalments. But of course, you have to tell the administration office to confirm this type of payment. Hope this helps.

  • Patrick vraagt 02 jul 2017
    Hi all!😊 I'm an international student who hopes to join you in a few months since I was accepted into the programme. I haven't paid my package fee yet due to some certain difficulties so I was wondering does Saxion allow late payments, and if so will there be a late payment fee?Thanks in advance🙂
    Nadia zegt 02 jul 2017

    As far as I know, they allow payment in instalments. But if you want to know more, you can try sending an email to

    Nog 1 antwoord Inklappen

  • Michael vraagt 03 jun 2017
    Thanks Nadia.The reason I asked this is because I have done my research and found out about the rankings of Saxion and furthermore I have read many reviews.They imply that the standards are not too high(World rank 3054 th), so I am afraid no employers would take me seriously after graduation.
    Nadia zegt 05 jun 2017

    Okay. Good luck with your following studies :)

  • Mike vraagt 01 jun 2017
    Hi Nadia your answer was very helpful, so does this mean that we can choose to do our internship in The Netherlands instead of going abroad?
    Nadia zegt 01 jun 2017

    Yup... Your free to go anywhere...

  • Michael vraagt 26 mei 2017
    Hey Nadia,my question pertains to your current outlooks in terms of finding a job now that you graduate.Has any company offered you anything?Or have you already found a job by yourself?And what about the other alumnis?
    Nadia zegt 01 jun 2017

    Well, I am currenly looking for a job myself but usually alumnis got an offer from the company where they do their internships.

  • Mike vraagt 30 mei 2017
    Hi! I want to apply for this programme. Whilst I was researching it I noticed that during the 3rd year there's an internship abroad that we are required to do, I was wondering if we will have to pay all the costs by ourselves or will Saxion help a little bit? Also can I pick a country to do it in?
    Nadia zegt 01 jun 2017

    There is no limitiation as to where you want to do your internship, as long as the examination board later approves it. As for the cost, there is a selection for a partial scholarship for those who want to do their internship outside of the Netherlands. But not everyone can get selected for it. Even if you get selected, there will be some costs that you need to be able to cover on your own.

    Hope this answer helps ^_^.

  • Patrick vraagt 19 mei 2017
    Thank you for the information🙂. Say for instance a company recruits me as a graduate trainee during my search year but then after my traineeship ends they don't extend the contract, will that mean that I will have to leave The Netherlands as soon as the search year concludes?
    Nadia zegt 21 mei 2017

    I can't quiet answer that because I haven't really done so myself. But maybe you can ask here or to find out more about this.

  • Patrick vraagt 18 mei 2017
    Hello again, I was wondering roughly how much are the food costs for one month, and I understand there's a Canteen on campus but is it affordable or expensive?
    Vasile zegt 19 mei 2017

    There is one in the university but usually people dont eat therr that much. Well the food expenses may be between 200-300 euros. It really depends on you and how you eat. If you eat in bars or semifabricants it may be 300 for you, if you like to make the food at home, it about 200

  • Patrick vraagt 18 mei 2017
    Hello! I applied for the International Finance and Accounting programme, I was just wondering how easy is it to find work in Netherlands after graduation. On the other hand I don't speak Dutch so won't it make it harder?
    Vasile zegt 19 mei 2017

    Hellot there! Glad you applied for this program. So, after graduation, there is a program called Connect in our university which basically helps you to get a job after you get your diploma. Besides that, you can learn dutch whule staying here and at some courses at university which I really advise you to do.

  • Dan vraagt 18 apr 2017
    Were you able to pay for your studies and living expenses straight up or is there another way to do so?
    Nadia zegt 18 apr 2017

    Hi Dan,

    Thankfully, I was able to pay full straight up as you call it. But I had a friend who was able to pay them in instalments/monthly. So, I think it can be arranged with Saxion for you to be able to pay the tuition fee monthly.

    As for living expenses, it all depend on you I guess.

    Hope this answer helps!

  • Reinita vraagt 18 mrt 2017
    Goodnight, im from Curaçao and did MBO 4 administrateur, i would be able to do IFA without a problem? or do i need to do some test before get enrolled?
    Vasile zegt 18 mrt 2017

    Hello Reinita,
    I think as long as you have your diploma of finishing your MBO/school and international english certificate: TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge you shouldn't have problems with getting enrolled.

  • Tibor vraagt 13 mrt 2017
    Dear all, I obtained some books needed during the first year of the course to gain initial knowledge before I start my studies.However, I am not sure if they are the right ones and I do not want to waste time.May I ask someone of you via email to confirm whether they're the ones the UNI uses?
    Nadia zegt 13 mrt 2017

    Sure. Let me see it then. You can contact me through

  • Tibor vraagt 03 jan 2017
    Hi Nadia, I am a 28-year-old guy starting this course from September, 2017.I have not studied maths for 10 years,so I am a bit concerned if it is an insurmountable problem relating to this course or not.I have 8 months to make up for my shortcomings.What would you recommend me to do?
    Pia zegt 05 jan 2017

    Hi Tibor,
    Do you want to stduy International Finance and Accounting? If yes, then you should not be afraid that it could be a Problem. I also study this course and I did not study maths before. It is a doable course. I had no experience about accounting or something else and I passed the exam, but I can tell you that you should learn intensive for all exam, because without doing it you will fail.

    Nog 2 antwoorden Inklappen

  • Lea vraagt 29 jul 2016
    Hey Pia, I need them for the first year as I will start at Saxion in September. And thanks for the tip
    Nadia zegt 30 okt 2016

    Good luck with your further studies Lea ^_^

  • Lea vraagt 29 jul 2016
    Hey!Where should I order the books for the first year? Is it only possible to order them at studieboekencentrale? Because they are all new there and not second hand.Thanks in advance
    Pia zegt 29 jul 2016

    Hi Lea,
    You have not order the book by the studieboekencentrale, there are too expensive! I can give you the tip to look at the Facebookgroup : Saxion international students enschede, in this Group there are some people who sell their old Books for less money!
    Moreover, which books do you need? I have some of the Last year's books and want to sell them all!


    Nog 2 antwoorden Inklappen

  • Chimene vraagt 30 mrt 2016
    Wat voor vakken krijg je allemaal bij de opleiding?Waar is de opleiding vooral op gericht?Wat kan je later met deze studie worden?Hoe is het arbeidsperspectief van deze studie?Moet je veel presenteren bij deze studie?Is economie in het Engels moeilijk?Moet je goed zijn in rekenen?
    Jouke zegt 19 apr 2016

    Hallo Chimene,
    * Als vakken moet je denken aan Financial Accounting (boekhouden), Financial management (investeringen), Management accounting (budgetten maken), Computer skills (excel) etc. voor een compleet overzicht van de vakken kan je kijken op:
    * Deze opleiding is vooral gericht op het internationale aspect van bedrijfseconomie. Dit houd in , investeringsanalyses en beslissingen maken, leren boekhouden en de boekhouding nakijken, internationaal zakendoen etc.
    * Als je deze studie hebt afgerond dan kan je verschillende dingen worden: Accountant, Treasurer, Controller, (investerings-)bankier, consultant, beleggingsadviseur. Naast deze beroepen zijn er natuurlijk nog veel meer mogelijkheden, the sky is the limit!
    * Het arbeidsperspectief van deze studie is voor zover ik weet goed, er is in Nederland veel vraag naar mensen die een internationale opleiding hebben gedaan. Natuurlijk ben je niet gebonden aan de grenzen van ons land, omdat IFA een internationale studie is kan je overal ter wereld solliciteren en ben je aantrekkelijk voor multinationals. Cijfers kan ik op dit moment niet noemen, en er worden ook zeker geen garanties gegeven. De kans op een baan is afhankelijk van veel verschillende factoren zoals bijvoorbeeld: je cijfers, je netwerk, je persoonlijkheid, de marktomstandigheden etc. Maar ik kan wel zeggen dat een internationale opleiding zoals IFA zeer goed op je CV staat.
    * Presentaties zijn zeker wel aanwezig in de opleiding, redelijk veel zelfs. Gelukkig krijg je tijdens business English en business Communication goede begeleiding en goede les in presentaties geven!
    * Economie in het Engels is niet veel moeilijker dan economie in het Nederlands, dat de les in het Engels wordt gegeven is 1 á 2 weken wennen en daarna is het eigenlijk hetzelfde.
    * Je hoeft niet goed te zijn in hoofdrekenen want je mag een rekenmachine gebruiken, maar kunnen omgaan met formules is wel handig.

    Groeten Jouke

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