Why I Am Following a Bachelor in International Human Resource Management

27 oktober 2017 08:58

Hey there! Salut!

Before coming to the Netherlands to study International Human Resource Management (IHRM), I first studied in France and then worked for a non-profit organisation by travelling through Mediterranean islands for a year. I was still figuring out what I wanted to do in life and found it! I am passionate about people – their lives & heroic stories, adventures & dreams, problems and secrets. I love how different we all are, how unique and significant.

So I chose International Human Resource Management because I enjoy helping people thrive in what they do by using their strengths, passion and creativity. Because I want to matter, I want to have an impact.


I’m from one of those nomad multi-cultural families so being abroad for me is being home.

I didn’t specifically want to come to the Netherlands but Saxion offers a unique IHRM program, which I fell in love with. Applying here was my only shot – my other idea would’ve been opening my own crêpes stand in Corsica! Believe me, the day of my intake conversation and acceptance was glorious. I was ready to leave my sunny French paradise for a promising Dutch adventure!

The First year as an International Human Resource Management Student

At the beginning of my first year I was a little shy, and mostly afraid of failing and not finding new friends. But hey, we’re all in the same boat as international students! We all left our countries and for most of us English isn’t our mother tongue. Then I became such a fan of our study program and quickly adapted to the culture so I enjoyed living in Enschede and studying at Saxion from the first day on. And I haven’t regretted it once in the past two years.

If I were to advise my first-year self now I would tell her not to be afraid. Having the desire to study abroad and actually doing it is already a big step! You’ve followed your heart then so you’ll follow it for the rest as well. Breathe all in, savor every moment and make the most out of your studies – this is one of your life’s greatest opportunities. You’ll marvel at your experiences and memories forever, and each of your facets will prosper. Your “baggage” will be way more extravagant and attractive to future employers too.

Try to imagine four years abroad (and who knows where you’ll go for your internship). Four years of everyday-learning, traveling, building networks, making lifelong friends, memorable nights out, life-changing decisions, following dreams and making new ones…Just think about the person you would become.

Aren’t you curious?


I'm half-French, half-German and was raised in both countries. Before coming to the Netherlands to study IHRM, I first studied in France and then worked for a non-profit organization by travelling through mediterranean islands, but I was still figuring out what I wanted to do in life. I found it - I enjoy helping people thrive in what they do ...

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