What It’s Like to Study Abroad in the Netherlands

24 mei 2018 08:34

Hello everyone!

My name is Lisa and I am from Germany. One year ago I started studying “ International Business & Languages ” at Saxion in Enschede. Now I’ll share a little bit of my story with you.

My first-year as an International Student

When I was a first-year student I was all eager to get to know my classmates and curious about my new surroundings, the city of Enschede and Saxion University .

My friends and I tried not to miss anything and we were always looking for information and possibilities that our study could bring.

But I guess that this hasn’t changed much now in my second year… Of course I also wanted to write my exams the best I could and luckily it worked out quite well!

The Propedeuse

Have you ever heard of “ Propedeuse ”?

This is a Dutch word and it stands for “ propeadeutics ” which means that you passed all your first-year exams.

This was very new for me as we do not have this in Germany. Now that I have my “ propedeuse ” or simply “ P ”, there will be a big celebration with my family members and other students and their families at Saxion.


It is a great feeling that all the study I did is officially rewarded. And a little plus: if the propedeuse is passed, there is a great chance that there will be a contribution of Saxion for the costs of the internship abroad.

How is it to study in the Netherlands?

Saxion is divided into academies (or schools). Mine is called IBS which stands for International Business School .

All academies have their own rooms that are just for the lecturers, students and researchers of these studies. When I study at Saxion, I spend all my time in our academy because it is arranged very lovely and you have all your friends and lecturers nearby if you have any questions.

Studying International Business & Languages

I am really into this study as it combines the major business aspects with English and two other languages of your choice! When I started the study was only available in Dutch, but this has changed and now you can study in English too: Go for it!

I mainly chose to study in the Netherlands because this specific study is not available in Germany and I really liked to learn a new language: Dutch. So, I took part in a 6-week speed course in Cologne before I went to Eindhoven to pass my state examination.

I am still very, very happy to have chosen my programme because there is the general business knowledge you gain along with the business language, combined with learning about the culture of other countries.

I also love the fact that there is a lot of general knowledge included which is directly applied in our projects and assignments.

And I love to travel, it is perfect for me that you can spend 3 whole semesters abroad (of which one is obligatory!).

One of these semesters is an internship, one is the minor and the last one is the graduating assignment. I definitely love having the opportunity of graduating abroad (in my case in France if everything goes well!).

So there is a lot of time to gain experience and exercise the languages we studied in the classroom!

Why did I decide to study in the Netherlands?

After my au pair year in Canada it felt weird to live together with my parents again so I was relieved to go to a place just as far away that I am able to see my friends and family in just a 2-hour drive, but still that far away that I can live in another country with new people again.

For me there is one main advantage of studying in the Netherlands and not in Germany: at Saxion the lecturers, employees and students seem to be a lot more caring and it’s all about the student. I guess I just like the atmosphere here…

When I was in 10th grade, I attended a lecture from a former student of my school. He told us all about the style of working in the Netherlands. Here it’s more about real-life projects and realistic assignments than just learning the theory of working methods.

Some last words for you…

I hope that I could give you some insight about my life at Saxion.

If you have any questions about studying here, living in Enschede or coming to Saxion as an international student feel free to message me. I am very happy to help!

Maybe see you at some of our fairs or next year at Saxion!


My name is Lisa and I am 20 years old. I am from Cologne, Germany, a city which I try to visit a lot during my studies. After finishing High School I spent one year in Canada working as an aupair for a family in Vancouver. One year ago I started studying "International Business and Languages" at Saxion Enschede. One ...

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