What is studying in the Netherlands like?

12 oktober 2018 09:55

Euroleague, Final Four in Barcelona in 2011. I was in a restaurant with my dad andrandomly, two Greeks were sitting next to us.

Westartedtalkingto themandtheytold us that theyhad studiedin the Netherlands andthat they were currently working in Amsterdam.

They were very happy and excited about their quality of life. As the Netherlands isin the center of Europe, they could travel frequently to different countrieswhich is something they really enjoy. So,they shared their experiences with me, and since thenI started thinking: Why not studying in the Netherlands?

I searched for universities,Ivisited them on open days andI then I knew.I knew that this is the place where I would want to study.

Having said that,along with the crisis in in Greece,thetuitionfeesand living in the Netherlands,was a more economical solution.

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Studying in the Netherlands vs UK

Although I wanted to study in Holland, I wasnt acceptedat first and so I went to study inthe UK. There I studied social sciences for a semester.

However, I wasnt satisfied with neither my degree, nor the country. I have always been a creative person who loves the arts. So, I decided to takea gap semester and look for other alternatives.

Searching foruniversities to study fine arts in the Netherlands, Ifound out about Creative Media & Game Technologies “: itwas love at first sight!

Advantages of Studying in the Netherlands

I would say that this degree is unique. I certainly did not find it elsewhere when I was looking for universities and degrees – at least not under the title “art and technology” or Creative Media & Game Technologies , as the course is called nowadays.

It is a general degree, which prepares you for the real world. In fact, our professors present us some problems,andthrough our project,wehave tocome up with creative solutions.

Therefore,wegainknowledgethrough real experience: we use different programs, weuse different approaches, techniques and materials, we come into contact with companies.

This is what makes this particularprogramspecial to me.

A Truly Practical Experience!

Last year I had to create an interactive object which I could use as a business card.I believethat by using experiences to retain and apply knowledge, one can achieve more effective learning.

To explore this concept, I am keen on creating dynamic learning experiences both in and out of the classrooms using interactive activities.So,I made a painting that depicted someof the gods of Olympus.

I used a special paint, known as conductive paint.When someone touches a god, he can hear myths and sounds from the symbols thatassociated withhim.

The best part of all this was that I came into contact with the company thatproduces this paintin LondonandIshared my work with them. They liked it so much that they decided to publish it on their website: Bare Conductive .

What is the difference between University and University of Applied Sciences?

Colleges (or universities of applied sciences) are often considered “Worse” than universities. In reality, however, this is not true.

Whether one chooses to go to college or university has to do with what suitshim/her the best.

In the Netherlands, there are two categoriesof universities:

  1. the most academic universities, which are more theoretical (research university)
  2. University of Applied Sciences, which have a more practical problem basedapproach, like Saxion.

For me, Saxion was the best optionbecause it suits meperfectly.

I want tocreatethings, I want to feel like I’m working in a company, I want to learnby doingand notjust by readingtheory.

If you arelike me,get readyfor a journey full of adventures andhard workfrom which you will gain amazing experiences!

Studying in the Netherlands as a Greek

Surely one cannot compare Greece to the Netherlands!

Theclimateis very different, as well as the food and the people. This, however, is not necessarilya bad thing.

Surely,the weather issomething that I often miss, but then I think:the weather here is better than England, it could be worse.

Most of the time its sunny here, but it also has very colddays with snow and rain. What Idefinitely miss is a pastitsio and a souvlaki .

The Dutchare not famous for their cuisine, so if I had to give a tip to someone, it would be: “Start cookinglessons”!


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