Syntaxis: Our Student Association

18 mei 2018 13:29

Most programmes at Saxion have a student association. For us, Software Engineering students , it is Syntaxis – and I do a lot with them!

A little bit of history: What is Syntaxis?

Syntaxisis the student association for all programmes IT-related at Saxion University of Applied Sciences .

Syntax organizes all kinds of activities for its members, including a monthly drink and every two years, a LAN party. They also organise course-related activities, including lectures given by companies.

So what does a student association do?

They do a lot of stuff!

They have a lot of parties as well as lunch lectures where you get free food and have lectures from different companies. Those companies bring cases to us.

Most of the times they are companies implementing new technologies to their systems and showing it to students, how they implemented, what troubles they faced and how they solved it.

Those are short workshops, but there are also big workshop where we also get to practice and get to learn new stuff. They organise these workshops quite often, like once a month.

Last weekend we had a workshop about GitHub , how to implement in projects with multiple developer. If you don’t know yet, Github is a “place” where software engineers and programmers work together. We learned how to implement and use version controls.

Should you join a student association?

Joining a study association is soooo necessary! They organise everything from drinks, to fun games, to educational workshops and company visits. As an international student, this is the best way to open your path in the society and gain more friends!


I am an active and innovative student in Saxion, proven by my participation in the Buddy Project and my student associations. Starting from the year 2017, I am also taking the role of International Student Ambassador. I have always had the passion to help candidate students get the information they need, and then hopefully greet them in the next study ...

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