Nostalgia before summer break

27 juni 2017 17:00

What a year! As we French would say: énorme! (tremendous!) I’m still trying to get my head around all the things that happened. Student life can be so mind-blowing sometimes, don’t you think?

It really hit me 2 weeks ago when I got back from a short trip to Gdansk (Poland) with my honors class. I was standing in my room with my unpacked bag at my feet, and my mind was going wild . I’m talking about that moment after you’ve had an incredible experience, and all your thoughts & emotions just go like “BAM in your face (and heart)!”



You know that feeling? I believe you get these kinds of moments even more when you’re an international student: you walk into random people and start talking about faith for example, and then walk away like “What just happened?!” Or you bump into one of your teachers who tells you the weirdest thing ever happening to him on his way to school. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who believes that these small moments leave a huge mark in your experience as a student abroad.

Was it at Saxion, in class, or life in general in the Netherlands – this school year was filled with lots and lots of small and big moments. Those of you who were there, do you remember the introduction week? The TEDxSaxion event “Brave New World” in Deventer? Parties at Atak or jam sessions at Tankstation? Having a beer at Molly’s or hanging out in Volkspark? The Enschede City Run or the International Sports Day? The Food Truck Festival in Volkspark or any special event at Saxion? Your worst exam and best group work? Delicious ice cream at Van der Pool after a pizza at Happy Italy? (Yeah, we all go to the same places…)


Food Truck Festival


Brave New World


Now that the pressure is dropping and the prospect of summer holidays we so longed for is finally tangible, we are probably all looking back with our heads filled with unforgettable memories, our hearts bursting with love for our friends…and perhaps also a tiny feeling of nostalgia?


Come on! Admit you’re going to miss all this during summer break! Just a little.

Ah, I knew it.

So for those who are about to come here or are just starting to think about coming here, let me tell you: after you’ve spent time here, you’ll be missing the place once you leave .


I'm half-French, half-German and was raised in both countries. Before coming to the Netherlands to study IHRM, I first studied in France and then worked for a non-profit organization by travelling through mediterranean islands, but I was still figuring out what I wanted to do in life. I found it - I enjoy helping people thrive in what they do ...

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