My Story as an International Student in the Netherlands

23 mei 2018 12:29

Since I was a kid I always dreamt about living abroad.

When I was 19 I had a brief experience in the Netherlands as an au pair. After knowing a bit of the Dutch culture I realised the Netherlands was the kind of country I would like to live for a longer time and I felt their culture has aspects that matches my personality well.

My Story As An International Student

That is why when I was searching for universities abroad I felt quite attracted to Dutch universities.

International Bachelor Programmes in the Netherlands

In Brazil, where I am from, bachelor courses are much more theoretical than in the Netherlands.

I have a wide range of skills and interests I want to pursuit but I couldn’t decide which bachelor programme to choose if I studied in Brazil.

I found out that the bachelor in Creative Media & Game Technologies at Saxion would provide me the chance to experiment on most of those skills – such as video production and graphic design, and later on I could decide which area I would like to focus.

Creative Media & Game Technologies explores many skills which you can put your creativity at work. It also teaches you how to express your creative ideas in the world independently.

I realised the Dutch model of learning was much more compatible to what I was looking for than the one from my home country.

The university provides all the materials necessary for you to excel on your studies. Also, the teachers are very passionate about what they do and they believe on the students. They are always willing to help and guide the students the best way they can.

My First Year as a Student

My first year at Saxion transformed me into a much better person and it provided me immense personal growth.

In the first year everything was new and I was adapting myself to how things work in the Netherlands, not only in a practical matter but also in a cultural matter as well. During my first year studying I was often curious and experimenting new things.

Today I have 3 friends from countries I never thought much about and they are incredible people. Every time I had a challenge I thought I couldn’t overcome they gave me support and believed in me. Their friendship to me is the greatest reward and it taught me that the greatest things in life come from unexpected places.

My advice for you:

Be open to do things even if they sound weird to you.

And be punctual – even if for you it feels weird being on time for a party or meeting with friends! The Dutch are always on time!

Studying at Saxion will make you see the world differently and will re-teach you how to study and learn. If you seek to transform yourself and be independent, Saxion is the place to be.


An adventurous Brazilian studying 2nd year Art & Technology at Saxion Enschede.

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