My Minor Experience in Italy

20 april 2018 07:30

My name is Xiao He and I come from China . I am a final year IBMS ( International Business Management Studies ) student at Saxion University of Applied Sciences .

Currently I am working on my final thesis in a Dutch startup. I did my internship in a Dutch company last year and I just finished my minor in Rome Italy on February. Hereby I would like to share my minor experience in Italy with you

Why Italy?

We have more than 30 countries available for our minor including Canada, China, America, South Korea, other European countries and so forth.

I chose Rome Tor Vergata as my exchange university because I had the opportunity to follow in Master degree courses as a bachelor student! Since I am planning to continue my master after my graduation, I would like to get some experience in advance. So this exchange was like a ‘ life challenge ‘, to see if I can manage it.

Besides this, Italy is such a beautiful and attractive country and I would like to go for sightseeing and experience local culture by myself.

My Study Experience

I would like to say that the master program was not very difficult but also not easy. We have so much work that needs to done for every subject!

Each subject requires daily homework, weekly presentation in group, written exams and participation in the course. For example, one subject that I had required daily studying work, 7 assignments, 2 group presentations, 25 pages individual report and 1 written exam. Well, its a huge work for one subject, but after you’ve achieved it, you would be proud of yourself.

Due to the fact that we have much group work, I had the chance to work with master students around the world. Everyone was intelligent and hardworking. You can always learn something from group brainstorming!

My exchange life

Whenever you talk about Erasmus exchange, PARTY definitely should be mentioned!

In Rome, they have an Erasmus association, which is responsible for parties and travelling. They even arrange parties on Mondays! They also arrange city tours and travelling with a student price; and the guide tour is a super nice person with full knowledge about Italy!

Furthermore, I met so many nice friends from different countries, like Italy, Germany, France, Belgium, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, America and so forth. Everyone is extremely nice.

My Erasmus exchange is one of my best and happiest memories in my life so far!


I am a third year student studying IBMS at Saxion in Enschede. I am a sunshine girl so my English name is Sunny. Haha, it's a joke. The real reason is my Chinese name is Xiao and it means sunrise. So, you can call me Xiao or Sunny. Just choose the name that you like. I like questions, so feel ...

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