My Internship Experience at Huiskes-Kokkler – Studying in Holland

18 mei 2017 09:08

My name is Xiao He and I come from China. I am a third year IBMS ( International Business Management Studies ) student at Saxion University of Applied Sciences.

The company that I did my internship is (DLA), which is an international department in Huiskes-Kokkler (HKA). HKA is one of biggest car dealers in the Netherlands, which has five branches in Hengelo, Almelo, Enschede, Oldenzaal and Rijssen as one official car dealer for Audi, SKODA, SEAT, Volkswagen and VW Bedrijfswagens. In HKA, customers can buy, lease and rent cars.

Studying in Holland: My internship at Huiskes-Kokkler

DLA is a sub-business in HKA, which can be regarded as an international department or export department in HKA. As one of top three companies on Dutch B2B market, DLA not only provides customers with new car sales but also used car sales. Moreover, DLA not only can provide their customers with the brands that HKA represents, such as Audi, SKODA, SEAT, Volkswagen and VW Bedrijfswagens but also all kind of brands that their customers are interested in.

My Tasks in the Company

DLA in interested in the Chinese B2B automobile market but not familiar with it. Therefore, my internship task wasto research the Chinese B2B automobile market and then give recommendations as to how and with what means DLA can expand to the B2B market in China.

My research started byreceiving some contact information of potential Chinese customers from my company supervisor, Mr.Tenniglo. I got in touch with these customers to learn abouttheir demands about cars and to get detail informationof whatthey think about international cooperation.

Through conversions with thesepotential customers, I gotmore familiar with the Chinese customers and the Chinese B2B Automobile market. According to inquiries from these customers, I made offers and negotiated prices with them.

During my internship some potential Chinese customers even visitedHKA and had a meeting with us due to the fact that they are interested in our company. All in all, I do learnt a lot of practical knowledge about international business from online and offline conversions with Chinese customers.

My internship at Huiskes Kokkeler Hengelo

What I gained from my Internship

There is no doubt that I didlearnt a lot of practical knowledge about international business, like incoterms , supply chain management, negation skills and so on. I also learnt how to work in a Dutch company and how to get along with colleagues and customers. It is worthy to mention that I made some great friends during my internship!

Are you starting your internship soon? Here’s my advice:

Ask questions when you need help! Everyone is super friendly and helpful.

Moreover you should ask for feedback frequently concerning work schedules and assignments in order to keep on the right way and improve your performance quickly.

Good luck with your internship!


I am a third year student studying IBMS at Saxion in Enschede. I am a sunshine girl so my English name is Sunny. Haha, it's a joke. The real reason is my Chinese name is Xiao and it means sunrise. So, you can call me Xiao or Sunny. Just choose the name that you like. I like questions, so feel ...

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