My Expectations on My Minor Abroad

1 februari 2019 13:02

Victor Imagbenekalo is my name, Nigerian by birth, a student from the School of Finance here at Saxion University.

I have spent 3 years in the Netherlands studying International Finance and Accounting , enjoying myself with the new cultures, and making new friends and getting more experience.

International Finance and Accounting - My Experience studying in holland

Now its time for my Minor Abroad

The School of International Finance & Accounting gives us the opportunity to spend one semester abroad.

And I was thinking where should I go? Where would be more interesting? Where would I like to learn new cultures?

I searched everywhere and Boom “BELGIUM”!

Yes you saw it right, and I have so many expectations from my minor in Belgium!

I chose to apply to study in Belgium at the Thomas Moore University for a number of motives

Frequently, I would love to travel to a country that I’ve by no means been to before. I have visited various countries in eastern Europe in addition to Germany and Italy, and now I would really like to expand my travels to Belgium.

My personal expectations for my study abroad are to increase my horizons and study more about Business and Belgium.

I consider that travelling and getting to know about different cultures is extraordinarily important so that one can increase its understanding of the world that they stay in .

All international locations and we all living in it are interconnected; thus by experiencing various cultures, thoughts, methods, and ways of life, one can more easily relate to others and broaden a better sense of the web in which we live.

I plan to return back with a brand new angle that I may also have never known before, in any other case, received if I had not immersed myself in a new educational system, a brand new environment, and with a lot of great friends around me.

Studying abroad will permit me to experience sights, events, and culture first-hand and allow me to fully immerse in an exclusive atmosphere and therefore get a genuine feel and understanding of Belgium and their way of life as a whole.

I am Victor and I am following a bachelor in International Finance and Accounting in the Netherlands

Of course, I am a Nigerian boy, tasting new food and meeting new people is what we Nigerians are all happy about.

I feel that combining doing something I greatly enjoy with the capability to learn from Belgium students from one of Mechelen major academic institutions would significantly benefit my university experience.

I would be writing to you in a few weeks time, My Expectation vs My Reality in Belgium .

Just keep hooked up to this blog. Once more don’t forget International experience is all we desire .

Victor Nosa

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