Forensic Accounting and Fraud Investigation Minor Course

28 oktober 2016 18:51

Hey guys,

Guess what I took for one of my Minor Courses??? Yes, just as the title says so!!! FORENSIC ACCOUNTING AND FRAUD INVESTIGATION!!! :O :O :O … (Ooohhhh)

I took this course while I am currently in my minor course at Universitas Gadjah Mada , Yogyakarta, Indonesia. This is one of the most unique courses that I have found so far!!! Let me share with you guys on one of the guest lecture example last week… Come and take a look! 😬

Last week, I attend an interesting guest lecture from PWC about forensic accounting. It was very interesting actually. When I look at what they do in their jobs, sometimes it is as if I am looking at an investigative series episodes, such as NCIS, CSI, and many more. However, unlike in class, they took it more to the practical approach instead of the theoretical approach that we learn in class.

PWC Indonesia has a team of forensic specialists that has different backgrounds in one team. Forensic accountants is just one of them. They have 3 core services, which are prevent , detect , and investigate . What differs between an auditor and a forensic accountant is that once an auditor has detected a suspicion of fraud, forensic accountants will take over the investigation instead.

Asset misappropriation mostly happen in Indonesia and forensic accountants are usually requested by a certain top management of a company to help detect a certain fraud. They have a certain standard procedure when it comes to investigating, however, those who are involved in interviews of suspects are usually senior managers.

The most interesting part in the lecture is that the lecturer said that to be a forensic accountant, we need to be more flexible and keep our eyes opened for all sorts of perspectives. But what I am excited the most is that the lecturer offered the students a 3-month opportunity of internship in PWC Indonesia as part of their Forensic team. I am very interested to take part in it later on and definitely considering to do so.

SO? Curious about other interesting courses for your minor? Go ahead and take a peak at Universitas Gadjah Mada in the Faculty of Economics and Business to find out more on other course options for you!


Fresh Graduate of International Finance and Accounting (B.Sc). A former consultant at PwC Indonesia and currently taking Masters (M.Sc) course in Islamic Finance and Management in Durham University, UK. I like playing flute, piano, guitar, basketball, taekwondo, crochet, knitting, and quilting. :)

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