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Hi! My name is Reanne, I am an international student from Jamaica. When I first came to the Netherlands I remember how difficult it can be to adjust to a new life especially when you are far away from home. Now, as a second year student I would love to help incoming students get settled in Saxion and the Netherlands on a whole!

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  • Creative Media and Game Technologies
    Hi there, I'd like to apply for September 2021 (I'm a european student). How long do I have to wait before I get to know wether I'm accepted or not? Do I have to wait until after the deadline (15 August 2021), even if I send in right now? Thank you!
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    Hi Alexander,

    The decision on whether you got accepted into the programme will not take until August 15, 2021. From personal experience, I got my acceptance a few hours after I conducted my interview with a teacher from my applied course (the interview comes after the application.)

    This may vary however, therefore I would say maybe wait up to two days to a week to receive your results.

  • Creative Media and Game Technologies
    Hello, I am interested in Creative Media and Game Technologies,I would like to ask what should I prepare myself, I really enjoy modeling in 3D,is there any advice I can get? I plan applying for it,and start the program in september 2021.
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    Hello Nick,

    There are several ways you can prepare for the course but first I recommend you look at the requirements for applying, i.e. what would you need to submit for the intake and other criteria such as Language Requirements, as this is an International course there is a certain level of English required.

    You can find more information here:

    Also I recommend taking a look at course content and what to expect over the years and as for 3D Modeling that is a course that is currently offered in the first year.

    Again, in terms of application/preparation (in showcasing your portfolio) - I recommend if you do have 3D models to include them in your portfolio.

    I hope this answers your question, if you have any other concerns or need any other advice we are here to help.

  • Creative Media and Game Technologies
    Who can we talk to about 1st year problems with getting into a good study habit? My son is in first year CMGT and finding it very difficult especially with all the Corona restrictions.He is already at the stage of giving up...
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    Each student is assigned to a study coach to help them with challenges and to keep up to date with the student's progress throughout the course, so my advice would be to get in touch with your son's study coach.

    There is also weekly ACT pitstops for students where they can ask for help and get consultations about any problems they may have. This happens every Wednesday between 13.00 - 15.00 pm. If you'd like you can send them an email here:

    This is a problem that many students are facing and the CMGT faculty does offer support groups such as the Study Support Group. If he is interested in joining the group he can email Sarah van der Hoogt (CMGT study coach coordinator)


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