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Hello everyone I'm Mitchelle! I'm studying International Business and following the Honors/Top Talent Program. I am available, ready and excited to answer all your questions with the best solutions!ūüĆĽ

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  • International Business
    Please I wish to apply for the February 2021 intake semester in international business. What is the tuition that I will pay as an international student no EU/EEA.Someone told if you are starting a program in the Netherlands in February the fee drops is it true?
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    zei 3 weken, 1 dag geleden

    Hi Franklin,

    Thank you for your question! I just looked at the school website and the discount is only for what it seems and how I understood it for EEA/EU students. Whilst the tuition fee for non-EU students still remains the same that is for the Feb or Sep intake.

    Below you can find the link:

  • International Business
    Hi my name is Flavian and I am going to study International Business at Saxion soon, first year. If I could kindly ask you from which webiste could I buy the necessary books for the programme, doesn't have in store all the books I need. Thank you,Best regards,Flavian.
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    zei 2 maanden, 2 weken geleden

    Hi Flavian! As far as I know is mostly used to purchase books. However, why not try look on social media? :). There is a facebook group called Saxion Enschede-Selling Books. Here, you will of course not only get second hand books, but cheap and affordable books. Just post a message on the group or check out if there is anyone selling the books you need!

  • International Business
    Hello there y’all, does someone know when the first year is starting for the IBS students?
    vroeg 3 maanden, 2 weken geleden
    zei 2 maanden, 2 weken geleden

    Hello there! Usually the IB program starts on the first week of September. However, continue following the latest news from Saxion on all social media platforms for any new updates!

  • International Business
    Do you know what courses do I need to take in HS to study international business
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    zei 3 maanden, 2 weken geleden

    Hey Karla,
    As far as I'm aware there are no specific requirements for your high school curriculum but you can check:

    for all requirements.

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