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Mihai Vijoli Hospitality Business School Student 📊 Based in the Netherlands 📍 Originally from Romania 🏠

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  • Hotel Management
    Which student housing will you suggest as student.
    vroeg 6 maanden, 1 week geleden
    zei 6 maanden, 1 week geleden

    Hello, Angela! The hotel management course is in Apeldoorn. You can choose between the accomodation, which is located in Apeldoorn or the one in Deventer (10 minutes by train). I think the one in Deventer could be more interesting for you as is much bigger and you can meet more internationals. ;)

  • Hotel Management
    Hi Mihai, I am interested in the hotel management program. I'm wondered if u can give me some information about it.By the way, I'm a Vietnamese student.
    Tu Huynh
    vroeg 7 maanden, 1 week geleden
    zei 7 maanden, 1 week geleden

    Hello, Tu! Nice meeting you! What kind of information are you looking for? I am more than happy to answer your questions! :)

  • Hotel Management
    Hey I want to be part of your school so I want to know more about your school
    Naomy mwansa kashimika
    vroeg 9 maanden, 3 weken geleden
    zei 9 maanden, 3 weken geleden

    Hello, Naomi!

    Thank you for your interest in the hotel management course! Please send me an email to 430111@student.saxion.nl or text me on Instagram @mihaivijoli. I would be more than happy to answer your questions!

    Mihai Vijoli
    4th year student, Hotel management course


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