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My name is Denisa and I am 21 years old. I was born in Slovakia,Kosice. I have been living in the Netherlands, Apeldoorn for more than a year now. I am a student of Hotel management the second year. I study in English. I really like the studies here because of the internationalism and the different possibilities offered in order to gain more experience and knowledge.

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  • Hotel Management
    Hello, My name is Klevis I am from Greece and I willl study at the Saxion University for Hotel Management on February(God Willing). And the admission required a CV and a motivation letter. Now my question is how many pages do I need for the CV?And for the motivation letter? Kind Regards Klevis.
    vroeg 3 jaar, 1 maand geleden
    zei 3 jaar, 1 maand geleden

    Hi Klevis,
    It's very nice to here that you would like to join us soon! Don't worry much about the length, your Cv can have max 2 pages and your cover letter max 1 page. Try to pick the most interesting parts from your life and don't forget to mention why you want to study with us and why you think you are the right one 👌If u have any other questions please ask them. Good luck and see you soon. Denka

  • Hotel Management
    hello i am planning to do an exchange next year. I am from Argentina and i want to know how are the studies life, the duration of the classes, how is organized the exams, i know that thre is a lot of practice, real work situations, etc. Well if someone could tell me something it will help me a lot.
    vroeg 3 jaar, 3 maanden geleden
    zei 3 jaar, 3 maanden geleden

    Great to hear that you are planning to come to Saxion. Saxion really focus on practice, most of the classes are based with group work and lectures with real life situations , duration is between 1hour to 1hour and a half, not much classes per day. Regarding student life , all the saxion buildings have libraries and canteen where the students stay together. I see Saxion, and I speak about Hospitality Department, it's like a big family, everyone knows each other and help each other.
    You will not regret it you come to saxion.

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  • Hotel Management
    What do you like most about studying hotel management program in Apeldoorn? Is it a great choice to study there?
    vroeg 3 jaar, 4 maanden geleden
    zei 3 jaar, 4 maanden geleden

    It is a good choice indeed. You will study in our new building, which is amazing. And you will learn a lot from the lectures and seminars. Apeldoorn is a very nice and cozy city where most of the students live, so you will enjoy the life in the university and outside of it. The course also offers 2 internships abroad which is really great. I am really happy in this program and I hope I answer you question.

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