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Hey there! My name is Roland and i am from Hungary. I am an Art & Technology student. The most important thing in our life is being happy, being creative and being opened for the new things in my opinion.If you have any question about the Saxion in general or more specific question do not hesitate ask me and i will give you answer with pleasure.

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  • Creative Media and Game Technologies
    Roughly how much do you spend on food every month, and are the canteens on campus affordable?
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    Hi Patrick! When I was a student I used to spend around 100 - 120 euros a month on shopping (stuff for kitchen like washing powder, toilet paper, etc included). The canteens are ok but most Dutch people bring their own sandwiches - and you will save a lot if you do. You can get all you need in the market once a week for your lunch, and the supermarkets have good deals as well. I used to get soup from the canteen, it costs from 0.55 to 0.95 euros a cup (Ps: The mostard soup is my favourite one ❤️)

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