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Bachelor in Fashion And Textile Technologies

This unique programme is not just an education in fashion. You also learn to reuse materials in a completely new way. For example: is it possible to charge a smartphone via sportswear? You will buy products from partners abroad, develop new, sustainable materials and work on creating your own collection. At the end of the programme you have become an entrepreneurial fashion and textile professional.

“The future of fashion is materials,” predicts trendwatcher Lidewij Edelkoort. And that’s exactly how Saxion’s bachelor degree in Fashion and Textile Technologies (FTT) sets itself apart from other textile and fashion courses! Our teaching staff of professionals from the fashion and textile industry, each of them passionate about materials, will give you a firm foundation for stimulating and rewarding roles in this international sector.


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  • Illustration doodeling #concept #transparancy #intosaxion #fashion #illustration ✨

    Instagram foto: Illustration doodeling #concept #transparancy #intosaxion #fashion #illustration ✨
  • Illustration doodeling #concept #transparancy #intosaxion #fashion #illustration ✨

    Instagram foto: Illustration doodeling #concept #transparancy #intosaxion #fashion #illustration ✨

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Questions by visitors

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  • Jomante asks 12 oct 2019
    Hello,I am into studying fashion and textile technologies at Saxion university but I haven't found any information of which subjects we are going to take a step into and how looks each year of learning over there. Would it be possible to get more details about this course?Thank yoy
    Luciano says 16 oct 2019

    Hey Jomante,

    You can take a look at the link:

    There it is explained what subjects you will be taking and how to course programme works!
    Hope this helps!


  • Reyad Hossain asks 10 aug 2019
    I am from Bangladesh. I am diploma in Textile .I want to BSc in Textile Saxion University of Applied Sciences.Which certificate do you need?Which qualities do I have?
    Idwerd says 10 aug 2019

    Hi Reyad! Great to hear you’re interested in this study. Maybe contact the international office for your question as the required certification might be different for every country, they should know the answer. Regards, Idwerd

  • Monika asks 10 mar 2019
    Hi! I would like to ask what happens with students after their graduation? Do the university help them find a job or that is their own consern? On the universitie's site I couldn't find any information about their business partners. Does Saxion help they students to find their internship?
    Isabelle says 11 mar 2019

    Hi Monika, thank you for your questions. Saxion has a lot of partners for a minor (internationally as well as in Holland). An internship you have to arrange yourself. The F&TT internship does know a lot about experiences from previous students so you can definitely get help. The same goes for a job, it is your own responsibility after your graduation.

  • Isa asks 21 nov 2018
    Hi, I'm interested in the bachelor program but wonder if it is necessary to have experience with textile and fashion: sewing, knitting etc.
    Lynn says 22 nov 2018

    Hi Isa,

    Thank you for your interest in Saxion University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands!
    We received your request for more information about our Bachelor in Fasion & Textile Technologies. You can find all the information about our programme at our website:

    Of course, feel free to contact us again if you have any questions you feel are not answered on our website!

    Met vriendelijke groeten, with kind regards,

    Willemijn de Hoop
    Trainee International Office

    Saxion | University of Applied Sciences | International Office
    M.H. Tromplaan 28 | P.O. box 70.000, 7500 KB Enschede | The Netherlands | Room F1.83
    Handelskade 75 | 7400 AM Deventer | The Netherlands | Room A5.17
    T Enschede: +31 (0)88-0191588|

  • Prabhat Singh asks 20 sep 2018
    What is the job senerio after this program and which type of company hire after this program?
    Isabelle says 20 sep 2018

    Hi Prabhat, there are many many job opportunities when you finish the course. These are examples of jobs in a commercial fashion company: Buyer, Product developer, Material Developer, Designer, Merchandiser.

    Besides you could work in the interior branche or technical textile branche. Here the focus is more on the technical aspects and the properties of textiles. This could be in the medical, sports, transport or agro branche for example.

    You can specialize yourself in the 3rd year by choosing your internship and minor.

    I hope this helped you, if you have more questions, feel free to ask.
    - Isabelle

  • Tanya asks 24 jul 2018
    Hi guys I have some queries regarding this course as I am joining in this September and would love to know more about it.?
    IntoSaxion says 24 jul 2018

    Hello Tanya! You can leave your questions here and one of the students will reply 😊

  • Bia asks 25 jun 2018
    How can I find a room to rent in Enschede? I have been accepted to start in September 2018 and I need help finding a cheap room for me. Thanks a lot!
    IntoSaxion says 12 jul 2018

    Hi Bia,

    Welcome! Maybe you can check at Facebook, there are different pages/groups for rooms. And check this website: or Kamernet.

    Good luck!

  • bia asks 25 jun 2018
    What is your opinion about the program? Does it involve design too?
    Jenny says 25 jun 2018

    Hi Bia,

    The program does not involve as much fashion design as I would like. It is more focused on sustainability and the technical aspect of the fashion industry.
    It involves design but more on the technical level, so how can we change the design to make it sustainable.

    1 answer left Fold

  • Lisa asks 04 aug 2017
    Hey guys,is there somebody in here who is currently studying "Fashion and textile Technologies" in the second year? I have some qustions and would love to get some answers :)
    IntoSaxion says 09 aug 2017

    Hey Lisa!
    You can leave your questions here;
    the students following 'Fashion & Textile Technologies' will receive a notification and once they answer your questions you'll get a notification in your email 😄

  • Hayrullo asks 13 jul 2017
    There's the basic textile course, which teaches different textile processes like knitting, weaving, dying, etc.Are these courses all taught only in theory? Or are there any workshops where we can see actual machines and work on them?
    Idwerd says 15 jul 2017

    Hi! Most of the courses will be taught in both theory and workshops. Saxion has a room with knittingmachines (computerized and normal flatknit) and a lab for quality-testing and dying/finishing. Weaving is, at least in my curriculum (I'm a third year student), only given on the computer, but you will understand the process as they show a lot of movies and samples. During the study there are a lot of options to see processes within companies, so you can see the weaving machines there probably. I hope this answered your questions :)

  • Melvin asks 03 aug 2016
    Hi I am a kenyan and I am really interested to join the university. I am very sure my country could use this expertise. We are really good in textile but are still far behind. 1. do you offer scholarships2. Do you teach in English ?
    Kim says 03 aug 2016

    Hi Melvin,

    Good to hear that you are interessting in studying textiles.

    There is a course completely in English for this study. For more information you can take a look at this website:

    There is also a possibility for a scholarship. More information can be found on this page:

    Regards Kim

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