During the Physiotherapy programme you will develop knowledge of biomedical science, kinesiology, and behavioural science. With attention for people, your problem-solving ability, and your ambition to continue to develop yourself, you will spend your career helping clients improve their health.

"Studying abroad has giving me the opportunity to travel around Europe while carrying out my clinic affiliations and, of course,during the summer visiting the friends I have made from all over the world.
I decided to study abroad here a Saxion as I love their practical approach in class as for my degree in Physiotherapy I found that the practical approach they have would stand to me more than any other college I looked at."

Elaine, from Ireland 🇮🇪


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  • Konstantinos asks 15 jul 2019
    Hello, I am interested in studying Physiotherapy in Saxion. Would it be possible for me to find a more comprehensive study guide? Is the whole B.Sc. program worth 240 ECTS? Finally, apart from the tuition fees is there any other material (such as books) that I would have to pay for? Thank you.
    IntoSaxion says 16 jul 2019

    Hi Konstantinos,

    Have you checked the website
    There are navigation tabs at the top where it details a lot from the course, including a description of the subjects you will be taking the first 2 years.
    In terms of costs, the website estimates around 400€ per year, although from my experience this would be if you do purchase all books brand new. Reality is you might be able to get second hand books from older students or the professor will provide you with the study material required, bringing this cost down considerably.

    Hope this helps!

    Luciano, Saxion IO Team

  • Jade asks 24 jun 2019
    Hello, my name is Jade. I will be studying physiotherapy in Saxion this year. My question is unrelated to the course itself but I didn't know where else I could ask. I was wondering how expensive buses are and is there a student ticket available for the school year? any help would be appreciated! :)
    IntoSaxion says 28 jun 2019

    Hi Jade,

    Nice that you are going to start your studies at Saxion this year!
    A single bus journey paid by debit card can cost around 2 Euros every time if you're travelling within Enschede, which is a bit expensive if you use it every day!
    I recommend you purchase an OV-Chipkaart as soon as you arrive, as you can load it with credit and use that instead to pay all your fares. The system works that you have to tap in and out of the bus, meaning you will only pay according to the distance travelled.
    More information in this at:

    Although if you do live in Enschede you will likely not need to take public transport as you could either walk or use a bicycle to get around. The city is not too big!

    Lastly, you may be eligible to get student finance in the Netherlands, even if you're not Dutch or if you're from a non-EU country. Within student finance there is a student travel product, where you get around 95€ monthly from Duo which will enable you to travel unlimited during the week or over weekends (your choice). More information on this at:

    Note that the student travel product is a loan, although it is converted into a gift if you graduate within 10 years.

    Hope this answer your question!

    Have a great time!

    Luciano, Saxion IO Team

  • Mel asks 25 apr 2019
    (Question related to only German students)-> Does anyone receive Auslandsbafoeg, if yes, will you still get it paid out if you have an internship in Germany?
    Chiara says 25 apr 2019

    Hey Mel, it is possible for you to get Auslandsbafög, but unfortunately I'm not sure if you're still able to receive it when you do an internship in Germany, sorry. Best wishes Chiara

  • Mel asks 25 apr 2019
    Hi Physio-Students! I'm Mel from Germany. I will finish my degree of (Fachhochschulreife) in July 2020. I know the deadline is April 1. Are you still able to apply when you receive your school certificate in July? If yes, how would it go? Also, how many students a year are accepted? Thanks! Mel
    Chiara says 25 apr 2019

    Hi Mel, as far as I know you can already apply before you finished your degree and then hand it in later. You will get all the information when you apply next year via studielink. Each year around 60 students get accepted and start studying physiotherapy at Saxion. Best wishes Chiara

  • Ella asks 10 feb 2019
    Is it possible to work part time job while studying physiotherapy?
    Chiara says 28 mar 2019

    Hi Ella, sorry for the late answer. It is possible to work part-time but that really depends on how well your time management is 😅 I do know people in my year who work part-time

  • Ife asks 11 feb 2019
    Hello, Can anyone please tell me if there are internships offered in other countries for this course, if yes, can I please know which countries they are? Thank you.
    Chiara says 28 mar 2019

    Hey Ife, sorry for the late answer!! In the physiotherapy course you mostly have to find the internships yourself, but the school can support you finding a spot in the Netherlands if you don't find anything else. But I can tell you from my own experience that it was really easy for me to find an internship in my homecountry Germany, but that really depends on the country.

  • Wiktoria asks 25 mar 2019
    Hi, I am from Poland and I applied for physiotherapy in English stream and I have already got an conditional offer with the condition that I will send copy of my final diploma. I just want to make sure if this means that there are big chanses for me to be accepted?Or there are any extra requirements
    Chiara says 28 mar 2019

    Hi Wiktoria, I'm a student myself so unfortunately I wouldn't know your chances of getting accepted. During your application process you need to do a personal interview, for which you will be invited. Best of luck!!

  • Ana asks 07 aug 2018
    I am a girl from Bulgaria. I would like to ask about the English language requirements. There is one table, which I saw but I do not know if it is still correct. Unfortunately, I went to take the CAE exam but my score was 179 and I needed 180 to pass. Now I will receive a certificate for level B2...
    Elaine says 12 aug 2018

    Hi, unfortunately I can’t help you with this question as I am a native English speaker so I never had to do an English exam! Best thing for you to do is contact the admission for the Physiotherapy and ask them

  • Patryk asks 24 jul 2018
    Hey, how's the course load ? Can you get kicked out for doing bad? How's work wise for EU ppl, is this program 2 hard to manage work AND study? Any additional info would be great! I want to make sure I know what I'm getting into for the next 4 years. Cheers
    Amsal says 26 jul 2018

    Hey Patryk,
    You can get kicked out if you don't get the minimum of EC's in the first year. I work at Ikea (15hrs a week) and I can still combine it with school. So I think it is possible to work and study together. I know for sure that you'll have a great time the next 4 years.

  • Ana asks 11 jul 2018
    How is it to study physiotherapy there? Is the teaching good? What things (grades, diploma, certificates) I need to apply?
    Amsal says 19 jul 2018

    Hey Ana,

    It is nice to study. The teaching is known as one of the best in Holland. You can contact the AGZ desk for further questions about applying.

  • Davide asks 23 jun 2018
    Hi! I'm beginning my first year in Physiotherapy this September and was wondering if it's possible to purchase second-hand books and, if so, from who? Is there a student association?Thank you!
    Amsal says 11 jul 2018

    Hey Davide, You can search on sites like or If you type in the ISBN number you'll see if there are second-hand books available.

  • Davide asks 23 jun 2018
    Hi! I'm beginning my first year in Physiotherapy this September and was wondering if it's possible to purchase second-hand books and, if so, from who? Is there a student association?Thank you!
    Elaine says 23 jun 2018

    Hi Davide!

    All the second hand books will be for sale on the Facebook groups at the start of the college year


  • Anastasia asks 09 jun 2018
    What is the most challenging part of the programme in first year?
    Amsal says 09 jun 2018

    Hey Anastasia,

    I think the most challenging part is to make a good planning schedule for the tests. Because you'll have loads of information for the tests and the difficult part is to actually digest all the info and learn it. But this won't be a problem if you're a good planner (which I wasn't).


  • JJ asks 16 may 2018
    Hi, I've been accepted to the physiotherapy program and intend to attend in the fall. Do you have any tips on how I should prepare for my first year? What subjects did you cover during the first year? Would you recommend purchasing the books in advance?
    Amsal says 08 jun 2018

    Hi JJ,

    First of all congratz!! My advise to you is: do your best and take it all very serious. I liked Pathology the most, and I didn't like physiology that much. I am a book person, so I advise you to buy all the books in advance. But I have to say that some of my classmates haven't bought any books.. I personally disagree with that. You can learn much more in the books then only from the powerpoint.


  • Davide Leroy asks 01 may 2018
    Hey everyone, I'm coming to study at Enschede this August and I have a question regarding housing: should I co-rent a place with the Saxion programme for International Students (in which case I have to pay rent for nearly a year) or is it better to rent a place of my own? Thank you for your help!
    Amsal says 08 jun 2018

    Hey Davide,

    I personally can't advise you, because I still live with my parents. But I can say that there are loads of facebook groups like: kamer gezocht Enschede, kamers Enschede, kamers gezocht/aangeboden. You can apply to those groups and search it by yourself. If you can't find a room there than you should co-rent it with Saxion!


  • Théa asks 16 apr 2018
    Hello! How is it like to study physiotherapy in the Netherlands? What do you prefer about the program? How was it like to study and learn things in english (so not your mother tongue) at the beginning of your first year? Wasn't it hard? How much would you recommend me to apply for this program?
    Elaine says 30 apr 2018

    Hey! Studying physiotherapy in the Netherlands is amazing as there practical approach to teaching the course is what you need as a physiotherapist and that’s what I love about the course. Unfortunately I can’t answers about learning things in English as I am a native speaker! I would highly recommend you to apply you won’t regret it!

  • Andreea asks 14 apr 2018
    Hi, i've been recently admited for physiotherapy course in EnschedeSo it's again about housingIs it possible for me to rent a room in advance without coming to Enschede? Or should i do it only when being there?
    Gabriella says 24 apr 2018

    Hi Andreea, congratulations in being accepted! 🙌

    It might be easier to get a room if you are already in Enschede. Some students rent a room / AirBNB or hotel for a couple of days until they find a room.

    You can also watch this for other tips on how to find a room:

  • Šárka asks 24 mar 2018
    Hello, my name is Šárka and I am very interested in studies in the Netherlands. I would like to ask you if you could give me some help how to write the best motivation letter to enter to the university. Thank you very much for your advice!
    Amsal says 24 mar 2018

    Hello Šárka,

    First of all awesome that you want to study at our Uni. My advise to you is, to present yourself on the best way in the letter. Be yourself in the letter and amaze them!!
    I hope your question is answered, if not feel free to ask something else.

    Kind regards

    Amsal Murić

  • Evans asks 01 feb 2018
    Hi Again, Just Had My Interview Yesterday. Will i receive an Email for Placements Confirmation If accepted? And do one need to pay an admission fee? If Yes how much should one be calculating? Again is Finding an Appartment Very difficult?
    Amsal says 02 feb 2018

    Hey Evans,

    You will receive an e-mail if you get accepted or not.
    I can't answer the question about the admission fee, you have to call the frontoffice at: 088-0193525.
    Finding an apartment in Enschede isn't as hard and expensive as by example in Amsterdam. You can search on facebook groups or on by example:

    Kind regards,


  • Evans asks 01 feb 2018
    Hi Again, with the lntership,do one pay for His own place of stay?whiles on intership in other Country?
    Amsal says 02 feb 2018

    Hey Evans,
    If you choose to do your internship in another country, the costs for housing etc. will be for yourself! You can apply for the Erasmus Program if you do your internship in the EU.

    Kind regards,


  • Evans asks 01 feb 2018
    Hi every, Am Evans, and a Physiotherapy Student in Germany. But choose to end My Uni in Germany due to the language used Here. Dough i have already sent all necessary documents to Saxion, should i have opted for a changing Student Programm or what. Was there today for My Interview My forget to ASK
    Amsal says 02 feb 2018

    Hey Evans,
    You can call the frontoffice and ask for the further procedure: 088-0193525.
    That is a question I unfortunately can't answer.

    Kind regarts,


  • Meike asks 09 oct 2017
    Hey! How can i apply for the internatinal physiotherapy course on may 1st if I get my abitur a few months later...? Can anybody help me :) and what about those intake talks? Are they hard? Thanks!
    Amsal says 26 oct 2017

    Hello Meike,
    You can apply for the international course even though you don't have your Abi. It is necessary to hand over your abi before September 1st 2018. I'm following the dutch Physiotherapy course, so I can't give you exact information about the intake talks. It is good to prepare yourself the best you can for the intake!
    If you have any more questions, feel free to ask them!
    Kind regarts,
    Amsal Muric

  • Laura asks 20 aug 2017
    Hello,So for the internships, since were suppose to find it ourselves. How do we find an internship? And do the teachers at saxion track our progress when we are in the internships? Thanks in advance for the response :)
    Elaine says 24 aug 2017

    You just have to find a clinic that is willing to take you! And yes the college will ask the physio over you to fill out a grading form


  • Mazvita asks 10 aug 2017
    Hi I wanted to ask does the physio course demand that much of your time I may not be able to do my regular activities such as gym?
    IntoSaxion says 14 aug 2017

    Hi Mazvita,

    In your first year, you will have 22 hours of contact. So you have enough time left to undertake other activities. Do you have any other questions? Feel free to ask them.

    Kind regards,

  • Laura asks 07 aug 2017
    For the saxion clinical placements, it is done in the first year till the last year? And does saxion offer placements or do students need to find their own? It is a requirement to choose either paediatrics or orthopaedics, or can you do one type for all placements?
    Elaine says 09 aug 2017

    Placement is done in 1st,2nd and 4th year and you have to find them yourself. Each placement is given a theme so According to the theme you can get placement so for example if it's orthopaedic so then you have to get and orthopaedic placement

  • Sara asks 07 aug 2017
    For this introduction week, there is the academic day and the hoi week. And then theres also a few days by the ANSA organisation by Norwegians students made for other Norwegian students, do you recommend this? Or which activities do you recommend for the introduction week?
    Elaine says 08 aug 2017

    Hi Sara, unfortunately I didn't do any of the introduction week or HOi so I can't recommend what one you should do! Sorry

  • Mazvita asks 16 jul 2017
    What are the lessons and exams like fkr first year? For example how many theory lessons and the level of difficulty as well as exams.
    Marlies says 17 jul 2017

    Hello Mazvita,

    Physical therapy is regarded as one of the most difficult HBO studies in the Netherlands. The level is therefore high. Every three months you get your theory exams. These exams are difficult, but if you have a 5,4 or less the first time you can make them again. In the first year you will get tests in anatomy, physiology, psychology and pathology. In the first year you will have a practical lesson about 8 hours a week, the rest are lectures and group assignments.

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask them!

    Regards, Marlies

  • anoniem asks 18 may 2017
    Is there a lot of chemistry involved in the modules for physiotherapy? Could a person study take the course if he/she hasn't studied chemistry?
    Elaine says 18 may 2017

    Yeah it is possible to study the course, I never did physics or chemistry

  • anoniem asks 11 may 2017
    Hello, I recently got accepted to the international physiotherapy program, and I might go to Enschede before the course starts. I would love to get in contact with someone who is already studying physiotherapy tand tell me more about the program. Is there anyway I could get in touch with a student?
    Elaine says 12 may 2017

    I am a physiotherapy student, you can email me at

  • Robin asks 08 may 2017
    Hi, I just applied for the dutch program of Physiotherapy while I didnt notice that there was an international programm. Anyone out there who has also experienced that or knows if there is a way of switching to the english program? Would be grateful for answers.Thanks and greets!
    Elaine says 11 may 2017

    Hi Robin, you will have to contact the International Office ASAP and explain your situation and see if there is anything they can do for you! hopefully they will!

  • Imar asks 02 may 2017
    Hi Elaine, I am in Enschede right now visiting Saxion. Is there a possibility to meet up to discuss some of the topics regarding the Physiotherapy programme?
    Elaine says 02 may 2017

    Hi Imar, sorry I am not in enschede at the moment

  • Andrei asks 25 apr 2017
    Hello!I'd like to know where you have done your internship, in Holland or in other country? Did you do it in English? I'm also looking for a room from august but I didn't find anything suitable around 300 E. Can you give me some advice ? Thanks a lot for helping me!
    Elaine says 01 may 2017

    Hi Andrei, I have done all my internships in Ireland so they are all done through english! in relationship to the room keep looking at the Facebook groups as usually most rooms are around 300E . If you fail to find one try contacting the International Office in Saxion and they should be able to help you out!

  • Emelye asks 17 mar 2017
    Hi, I was wondering if there advanced entry if a BSc is already held by a student or if there is a postgraduate programme?
    Elaine says 18 mar 2017

    Hi Emelye, I am not really sure about the postgraduate programme's in Saxion you will have to contact the International Office and they might be able to answer your question! In relation to advanced entry I don't think it is possible for this course - but again the international office is that place to ask this question! Im only a second year student so i am not up to date with everything!


  • John asks 13 mar 2017
    Greetings, was it difficult to find an apartment? Did you share an apartment with someone else you knew or just a random room mate? What websites would you recommend for finding apartments? Thanks for answering :)
    Elaine says 13 mar 2017

    Hi John, Yes I found it hard to find an apartment but i did leave it very late to start looking for one! Last year i shared an apartment with two other irish which was great as its better to try and live with somebody from your nationality so they understand you! Facebook groups are the best place to find a place for example Apartments in enschede- axion students


  • Maria asks 12 mar 2017
    Hey :) So I'm not familiar with Enschede. What is the student vibe like? Is it a student city where there is lots of activities or is it a more quite environment? What is your favorite/least aspect of the physiotherapy program? Is the student environment welcoming? Thanks for answering :)
    Elaine says 12 mar 2017

    Hey Maria, Enschede is a very student friendly town there is loads of things to do around the place! I love the way the course has a more practical focus then theory as i would be weaker with theory subjects than practical subjects! The student environment is very welcoming!

  • Nahia asks 17 feb 2017
    I have a few questions:In general how is the physiotherapy course taught (Self study, practical, theory)? How many people are in the class?Do the professors have a good level of english?How many days do you go to class and how many hours a day?
    Elaine says 25 feb 2017

    Hi Nahia, the physio course is extremely hands ons as there is about 6 plus practical classes a week and the theory lectures have a good level of English. Class is 5 days a week and hours change every way

  • Frank Mallekoote asks 06 jan 2017
    Hi Elaine! Is it a difficult process to apply to Studielink and to Saxion for the Physiotherapy course?????What do i need to organise and is it first come first served basis???Finally,would you recommend it?Thanks ! Appreciate your time,
    Elaine says 08 jan 2017

    Hey Frank! It's not hard to apply for the course as the system is fairly straight forward- but please ensure you apply for the international physiotherapy course not the dutch one 😃 You need to apply as soon as possible and prepare a motivational letter showing that you determined to be the best possible physio you could be! I am not 100% sure but I think the system has changed to a first come first served basis this year! I would highly recommend the course to you as its 85% practical based unlike other countries! If you have anymore questions let me no 😃
    Hope this helps you

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