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“I have classes such as law, psychology, intercultural communication, business and finance management – these are just “big names”, each implying a complex and impressive content.”

Anne-Louise, from Germany 🇩🇪


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Dutch culture experience with @saxionuas International Office
#zubmoments #visitNL #enjoylife #saxion #IntoSaxion
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Questions by visitors

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  • parent asks 14 jun 2019
    Do you plan to send information email about additional information about the study program (book list, timetables, information what to bring on introduction week, actitities which would be done during this week) and if so - when?
    Davide says 14 jun 2019

    Dear Parent,

    Thank you for your question. This website is ideal for questions from students to students. For questions that are not under students' infuence, my best advice is to contact the School of IHRM directly. In this case we could still provide you with an answer anyway, released by the School. Information on the book list and the invitation to the introduction day will come in the beginning of July. On the introduction day, your daughter will be given the timetable for the first quarter. Be aware that the timetable may not be the same for every week. Everything will be explained in detail during the introduction day. I hope this helps :)

    Have a great day!

  • parent asks 04 jun 2019
    My daughter has no patience to start learning IHRM at Saxion. Would you suggest me some books on this topic to read during the summer holliday? Thank you in advance
    Margarita says 04 jun 2019

    Hi there! Technically, it isn't necessary to read specific books before starting the program, but one book I would really recommend that also combines many topics of our study is called "Organizational Behavior" by Robbins & Judge. However, I cannot guarantee that it will be on the booklist for the next year, although we did need it in the first year. I will also definitely keep it for a while after my study, since it is both informative and motivating.

    I hope this answers your question!

  • Parent asks 04 jun 2019
    Do school books have online pdf or students have to buy paperbooks?
    Davide says 04 jun 2019

    Hello, some books may have e-versions available, but not necessarily. It's up to the student which version he or she gets. The School provides extra literature like articles, papers, etc, but the main book is responsibility of the students and has to be purchased or borrowed from the library.

    Let us know is you have any other question!

  • Alex asks 30 may 2019
    When Saxion would sent email with information about the program (additional information, I already read the information in Saxion's site)
    Davide says 30 may 2019

    Hi Alex,

    What would you like to know?
    All you need to know for now is the time of the introduction week (last of August) and the first week of class (first week of September). Around July you'll get an email with more information anyway, including books list.



  • Edin asks 26 may 2019
    Hello, Are there any fraternities related to the study or like activities/excursions?Just asking if there is anything to do outside of classes.
    Davide says 27 may 2019

    Hi Edin,
    Thanks a lot for your question. The IHRM study has a study association called Humanity. They often organize drinks and activities to have fun in the city, so you can join when you have extra free time. Here you can find their Facebook page
    Hope this helps :)
    Have a wonderful start of your time at Saxion!

  • Greg asks 18 may 2019
    What I have to do during summer in order to have better preparation for studying IHRM?
    Davide says 20 may 2019

    Hi Greg,

    Thank you for your message! There is no prior knowledge you must possess to start the course, but I recommend you to always keep yourself up to date with the trends in the labor market and maybe read some articles on HBR for inspiration :)

    Hope this helps,


  • parent asks 19 may 2019
    Do students have accounts for Microsoft apps from university or they use their own?
    Davide says 19 may 2019

    Dear parent,
    Students at Saxion can use their email address to login to Office 365 services, ranging from email to the extended Office Suite. On top of this, it is possible to download the software on the PC.
    I hope this answers your question thoroughly.

  • Jane asks 11 may 2019
    Where I can find list with books for IHRM? (books for studying during the year)
    Davide says 11 may 2019

    Hi Jane,

    Thank you for your question. You will receive all the information before the start of school year. The list of books for next year is still being determined, in case little adjustments are necessary to the current one.
    Around July and August you will get several welcoming emails to get you ready before the start.

    Hope this helps :) Good luck with starting your bachelor!


  • Lorenzo asks 07 apr 2019
    Where I can find offers for accommodation in Enchede?
    Lisa-Marie says 07 apr 2019

    Hey Lorenzo,
    if you klick on this link you can see all information about housing

    Moreover, you can check the facebook group "wohnungen in Enschede" there you can find a lot of student houses and shared appartments

    best wishes,


  • Lorenzo asks 07 apr 2019
    Where I can find guideline for first year students? (a brochure which contains information about studying in Saxion, information, about the town etc.)
    Lisa-Marie says 07 apr 2019

    General information will be given to you on the first days. But you can also get information on
    if you want to have some information about Enschede you can get it from this webpage: (this is a german webpage but it should be possible to get information in english as well)

    best wishes,


  • Lorenzo asks 01 apr 2019
    Dear whom this may concern, Could you please explain the application procedure for this particular program?
    Lisa-Marie says 01 apr 2019

    Hey Lorenzo,

    if you click on this link you can apply for the study program:
    You have to give all your information to studylink and they will send it to Saxion university. After few days you will be contact by the university itself and they will come up with a appointment for the intake interview. As long as you pay the study fee on time you are excepted for the study program.

    If you still have any questions please do not hasitate to contact us via IntoSaxion

    best wishes,


  • Simona Stefanova asks 20 mar 2019
    Hello,Could you give me information what educational mobile apps you use during lessons and for self-study?
    Lisa-Marie says 20 mar 2019

    Hey Simona,
    we are using "blackboard" which is a educational webpage where our teachers provide us with the course Materials we have to work with.

    Best wishes,


  • Daniel asks 04 mar 2019
    HelloI have information that I must have a minimal result of 6.0 in each part of IELTS exam. Is this true or I must have overall band of 6.0 (it doesn't matter if I have 5.0 or 8.0 in writing while the overall band of ALL components is 6.0)
    Davide says 04 mar 2019

    Hi Daniel,
    Thank you for your question and glad to see you are interested in IHRM!
    You need a minimum of 6.0 for each component. Should you have a lower score, you may need to consider one of the Preparatory Courses, based on the score.
    Let us know if we can help you further, and maybe visit us on Saturday, 16 March 11:00-15:00 in Enschede for the Open Day. :)

  • Alex asks 16 feb 2019
    How can I take part in taster activities(trial day or taster day) in IHRM? I only find information in Dutch
    IntoSaxion says 18 feb 2019

    Hi Alex,

    You can find the information in English here:

    But I see the registration form is in Dutch, so to be sure you'd better contact our Student Information Center:
    WhatsApp: 06 - 1018 1868
    Phone: 088 - 019 3700

    Kind regards,


  • Alex asks 10 feb 2019
    Do I need to have exact scores on my IELTS exam - for example at least 5.5 of every component or the only score which is important is the band score of 6.0?
    Lisa-Marie says 10 feb 2019

    Hey Alex,
    please check this link, here you can find every informantion

    Best wishes,

  • Alex asks 03 feb 2019
    I received conditional letter for acceptance. In what period of time I'm going to receive information from Saxion about Skype interview?
    Lisa-Marie says 03 feb 2019

    Hi Alex,

    Thank you for your question. In general the intake interviews take place during march, april, may. I had mine in may, a friend of mine in april. So you will receive soon emails, with more information about the intake interviews. If you have any questions you can always contact us. :)

    Hope this was helpful

    best wishes


  • Marie Sophie asks 29 jan 2019
    Hey Guys is there anyway to still sign up for the Discovery Day in Enschede on the 5 of April. Somehow I can't fill in the form and I really wanna come as I wanna study starting in September and I can't decide between International business and International Human Resource Management. Thanks Xxx
    IntoSaxion says 30 jan 2019

    Hi Marie Sophie,

    Could you tell me where you're trying to sign up (the link)? Because I think you're trying to sign up for the event of last year. As far as I know there's not yet a new Discovery Day you can sign up for.

    Kind regards,


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  • Kristina asks 23 jan 2019
    Hi, I have 2 questions:- how good at math do I have to be to be succesful at this course/how much and on which level does the course include math?- what does the SCC (skype interview part) include? any tipsn what should I be prepared for? i'm a bit nervous :/thank you for your answer!
    Lisa-Marie says 23 jan 2019

    Hi :)

    1. no math is needed in this study Programm
    2. in the skype talk you are just talking telling who you are and why you want to study IHRM :). Afterwards, the person is telling you some information and you have the opportunity to ask questions. You dont need to be nervous about it.

    Best wishes,


  • Kristina asks 20 jan 2019
    Hello, I'd like to ask, how is it with the end of school year? When is for example the earliest you can be done? Thank you :)
    Lisa-Marie says 20 jan 2019

    Dear Kristina :)
    Thank you for your question. In general it can be said that every school year ends in the middle/end of July. It depends if you have to retake any exams or not.

    Hope this was helpful for you :)

    Best wishes


  • Alex asks 12 jan 2019
    Hello,I am going to study IHRM at Saxion. Could you give me more information about the online assessment which is part from the entry requirements. Is this kind of language test? Or something else?
    Davide says 12 jan 2019

    Hi Alex, the online assessment is not a language test. To certificate your language skills you would need to take an English test like IELTS or TOEFL. You can find the general entry requirements here
    The online tool you are talking about is intended to have a first impression of your knowledge and skills and serves for orientation purposes. Its completion is conditional for the admission, while his results are not. The assessment is also useful for you to know how compatible you are with the program. I hope this answers your question :)

    Should you have specific questions about the admission procedure and the enrollment, you can contact the International Office via Facebook through this link
    For any other question about the IHRM program, feel free to post here! We will all be happy to help!

    Have a very great day :)

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  • Alex asks 18 jan 2019
    HelloCould you tell me when is the final deadline to send Saxion results from my English exam after I have received conditional letter of admission?
    Davide says 18 jan 2019

    Hi Alex,
    thank you for your message!
    IntoSaxion is a platform from students for students, dedicated to all your questions about the different study programs. For queries related to admission, insurance, housing or anything that is not connected with the study specifically, you can get in touch with the International Office via Via them you can have an official answer to all your questions :)
    Good luck with the preparation to your course!

  • Alex asks 10 jan 2019
    Hello,I am going to study IHRM at Saxion. Could you give me more information about the intake interview because I don't know what to expect from it?
    Margarita says 11 jan 2019

    Hello Alex! The intake interview can take place via Skype, if you are not able to come to Enschede. Basically, it's a tool for Saxion to understand whether your English skills are good and what your motivation to study IHRM is. So, it's advisable to just think about your motivation to apply for the study and be yourself :). They may ask you a few questions about your background, but it is generally an informal conversation. In the end the instructor will give you a recommendation as to whether he/ she thinks you are suitable for the course.

    I hope this answers your question! Feel free to ask me any more questions.

  • Radwan asks 03 sep 2018
    hey there , i am a student in HRM in the first year but i will be in saxion in 11th because i have to stay with my father this period of illness,so i need someone co tact me to make me updated witg everything from today to 11th
    Davide says 03 sep 2018

    Hi Radwan,
    I am sorry to hear about your father situation. I wish you and your family a fast and smooth recovery.
    Unfortunately, no first year student is here on the platform, but you can find all the lessons material on Blackboard at You can login with your usual credentials and access the courses from the top-menu "My AMA". Click on the courses and you will be redirected to the course page. Once there, on the left sidebar, you can find the menu for all the weeks.
    Please inform the study counsellor Miriam Hofste about you not able to be there at . It would be optimal if you can explain your situation. Trust me, they do help and understand a lot when such unfortunate events occur.

    I hope this answers your query. Please get back to us anytime!

    Good luck and see you soon at Saxion,

    Davide, 3rd year IHRM student

  • Toni asks 15 mar 2018
    Hi, as im going to study this programme, i would like to ask about more details such as how are the classes going, what is their duration, do i need a laptop for my studies or i will be provided there and so on. Thanks so so much!
    Kristy says 15 mar 2018

    Hi Toni!

    Great that you are coming to join Saxion and the IHRM community!

    In answer to your questions, the duration of the classes vary, I've been in classes of 1 hour, some 1 hour 30 minutes, and others much longer like 3 hours. In the longer classes we get break to go to the toilet or get something to eat :)

    I would say that you do need a laptop, there are computers available for you to use.. there are desktops in both the AMA department and the library. But since we have to do a lot of course work and research - it is very handy to have your own laptop.

    Hope that has answered your questions! if you have any more, please feel free to ask :)

  • NHI asks 29 nov 2017
    Hi guys,my name is Nhi,I would like to ask about the curriculum of the IHRM programme and how can we meet other friends?And how do you feel about the programme after you go into the course?
    Linh says 08 dec 2017

    Hi Nhi,

    Sorry for the late reply, I have been quite busy with my internship program for my study in the IHRM program.

    But about your questions, I am more than happy to give you some insights about our program and about Saxion.

    In our international human resource management program, the key-word is International! Literally, everything you can find in this program will be international! There will be students coming from all over the globe, from my personal experience, I have the chance to study and work with Dutchies, Germans, Jamaican, Chinese, Estonian, Russian, etc. It was quite an experience for me!

    About the study itself, you will have the chance to study a lot of interesting topics. For example, during the first quarter of the first year, you will be taught how to learn. Sounds weird, isn't it? But I have to tell you, as a fellow Vietnamese, the education system is quite different compared to what we have back in our home country so this period will be really helpful for you to integrate in a new environment. Then, after you are more used to the new country, you will deep-dive into different topics like: "Intercultural Communication; Business Economics (don't worry not too many financial stuff in here); Psychology; People and Labour; Labour Law; Organizational Design and Culture; etc." I can go into more details but then let's do it via e-mail/skype if you like to since it would be too long to write down here.

    Overall, the study program is really nice and helpful so I really like it ^_^! The people here are nice too, when I first came, I was introduced to a group of Vietnamese in Enschede and we usually have some get-together for special occasions. I can get you in touch with them if you like to since currently, I am working in Amsterdam so I am not living in Enschede anymore. I am sure that you will find a lot of friends here since people are very friendly, not only the Vietnamese but also the Westerners :'D

    For the last bit, I have been here for also 4 years now, I have adapted quite well to the environment, culture and the work ethic of people here. I am also planning to find a job here later on so finger crossed! If you are able to adapt to the western culture, I'm sure that you will do just fine.

    Well, that's it for me today, hope I answered your questions. If you would like to know more about everything, shoot me an email at and we can discuss further. Nice to e-meet you and have a nice weekend!

  • Kate asks 15 aug 2017
    How do I get to meet new people during my first year at the university? Am from Nigeria.
    Kristy says 15 aug 2017

    Hi Kate,

    I came all the way from Kenya so I understand it can be rather scary moving to a new country. But not to worry!! there's loads of stuff for you to get involved in, so that you can meet new people. For example at the beginning of the school year there is an introduction week; HOI WEEK! you can sign up for this. Its a lot of fun! You will get to know the city and loads of other people also starting there first year of uni.
    What is also nice to do is to join the student union from your academy! They will arrange loads of fun activities for you to join and socialize :)
    You will probably also meet people through your living situation, if you live in Student housing for example.

    I hope this was helpful! enjoy your first year!

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  • Gwen asks 12 may 2017
    Hi there~ I'm Gwen :D I wanna apply for the IHR Bachelor programme. I'm wondering if anybody could tell me the possibility of getting a job in HR after graduation?PS: I'm not Dutch and ofc I don't speak DutchIf I wanna get a job in the Netherlands, is it necessary to learn Dutch?Thank you
    Olivia says 12 may 2017

    Hi Gwen, it's of course a plus to learn some dutch while studying and living here but it is not necessarily needed. When I recently looked for HR internships online, there were a lot of offers that did not require dutch! :-) I hope I could help you. Let me know if there is more, Olivia

  • Linda asks 27 dec 2016
    Hi! I'm studying HR in Sweden, I'm almost done with half of my bachelor and now I'm thinking of doing my exchange semester at Saxion. I was wondering if it's difficult to find accommodation for 6 months? And if the accommodations are close to the university. Regards, Linda
    Kristy says 27 dec 2016

    Hi Linda! Great that you are considering Saxion for your exchange semester, the HR study here has really given me some great insights. In regards to your question, it highly depends on when you start searching for accommodation. Enschede has got loads of students which means there are also loads of student housing complexes. The two main Facebook groups: Apartments in Enschede & University of Twente - Marktplaats offer great help. Enschede isn't a huge city so even if you live outside the city centre it only take about 15 mins to get to Saxion by bike which isn't too long. There are loads of students on exchanges as well so finding something for 6 months shouldn't be a problem. I'd say you can give the Facebook groups a chance and if that doesn't turn up anything good, contacting students that already have housing and might be moving out (like myself and other 3yr students) can be an option. Best of luck! Kind regards, Kristy McGovern.

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