Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Electricity is everywhere and its applications are infinite. All electrical and electronic applications are designed, engineered, sold and maintained. Many people are working in this business and there are many jobs available at this moment. The 4 year course Electrical & Electronic Engineering at Saxion is the start of a great career in this field.

As a student you can choose during your course one of the two specialisations Electronic Information Engineering or Electrical Power and Automation. At this moment it is a good time to find a job in the electrical or electronic business area.


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  • Absar khan asks 21 nov 2018
    Can u guide me about admission requirements for b.sc electrical engineering .?
    Mohammed says 22 nov 2018

    Dear Absar,

    Thank you for your interest in Saxion University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands!

    We received your request for more information about our Bachelor in Electrical & Electronic Engineering. There are a couple of ways to receive more information about this programme:

    • Please check our website for more information about the programme.
    • Connect with other students on Facebook.
    • And of course, feel free to contact us by e-mail or via Twitter if you have any questions you feel are not answered on our website!

    Met vriendelijke groeten, with kind regards,

    Willemijn de Hoop
    Trainee International Office

    Saxion | University of Applied Sciences | International Office
    M.H. Tromplaan 28 | P.O. box 70.000, 7500 KB Enschede | The Netherlands | Room F1.83
    Handelskade 75 | 7400 AM Deventer | The Netherlands | Room A5.17
    T Enschede: +31 (0)88-0191588| w.h.dehoop@saxion.nl

  • Amin asks 08 jun 2017
    Hi, I have few questions to ask; 1. When should I come to Enschede to be fully prepared and ready for the Sep intake? Can I come on the 1st of August for example? 2. Could you please explain more to me how is the semester like, regarding the subjects, studying and so on? 3. Internships paid?
    Gabriella says 08 aug 2017

    Hi Amin!

    It's good to arrive at least one week before the introduction, so you have time to get familiar with the city. When I started, I arrived around mid-August.

    You can get an impression of how the academic year looks like here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EV5uS067ECg&list=PLVxbxX3iRJ2TQv9VYlk8-GtFb8qxS6DpJ

    And regarding internships: It depends on the company.
    Most internships pay a (small) fee, but it depends on the agreement you make with the company.

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