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  • Studying International Business in the Netherlands

    I am a 21-year-old student from Hamburg (Germany) and study International Business in the Netherlands . Currently, I am in my second year at the campus in Deventer. I like the open atmosphere which I can work in and can ...

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  • Why studying International Human Resource Management has been a good decision for me

    Hello! Привет! I am Hristo and from Bulgaria! I am a first-year student in International Human Resource Management (IHRM) and I have recently completed the second quarter. IHRM – the course that has drastically changed my view over a wide ...

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  • My Expectations on My Minor Abroad

    Victor Imagbenekalo is my name, Nigerian by birth, a student from the School of Finance here at Saxion University. I have spent 3 years in the Netherlands studying International Finance and Accounting , enjoying myself with the new cultures, and ...

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  • Studying International Finance & Accounting at Saxion

    I am Dutch, so from the beginning I decided to stay in the Netherlands to study. To be honest I didn’t even look at other countries, I knew for sure I wanted to study in the Netherlands. However I didn’t ...

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  • Week of the International Student 2018

    Hello fellow international students! Every year Nuffic, the Dutch organisation for internationalisation in education, organises the week of the international student . This means that in November there are several events taking place all over the Netherlands for international students ...

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  • The only reason I would only sleep for 4 hours over the course of 3 days. #intosaxion

    Instagram foto: The only reason I would only sleep for 4 hours over the course of 3 days. #intosaxion
  • What is studying in the Netherlands like?

    Euroleague, Final Four in Barcelona in 2011. I was in a restaurant with my dad and randomly, two Greeks were sitting next to us. We started talking to them and they told us that they had studied in the Netherlands ...

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  • My Studying in Holland Experience – One year after graduation

    I graduated from Saxion University of Applied Sciences with the bachelor degree in Art and Technology a year ago. Time flies, now it seems like quite some time has passed since I was defending my thesis, which turned to be ...

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  • HOI – The Introduction Week

    The HOI Week at Saxion is all about welcoming you to your new student life. It’s a great chance to get to know your classmates, the city, your campus, and have some fun before the real deal begins. Before I ...

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  • It’s my graduate ceremony today. Too much want to say, all in all, I love u all my friends and teachers in my sweet uni. And I am going to a new chapter now. 💃🏻🎓🌻 #graduation #graduationceremony #newbeginnings #sunnyallthetime #saxion #intosaxion

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  • Another project well done! #intosaxion

    Instagram foto: Another project well done! #intosaxion
  • Baking in the sun 😂 #enschede #College #baking #brownies #thenetherlands #intosaxion

    Instagram foto: Baking in the sun 😂 #enschede #College #baking #brownies #thenetherlands #intosaxion
  • What It’s Like to Study Tourism Management in the Netherlands

    I’m from Germany but I’ve always been interested in the Netherlands and I wanted to learn their language. When I decided to study Tourism Management I compared the different options I had regarding where to study. Compared to Germany, the ...

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  • Migrating from #IBM notes to #Office360 at #Saxion feels like...

  • Erasmus+ App

    Last year the Erasmus+ Programme completed 30 years. Erasmus+ is the EU’s programme to support education, training, youth and sport in Europe and you can find great opportunities via their website. Recently they launched a new app that can make ...

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  • Pirates, Sailors and Friends

    If you’re a real follower of Saxion on social media and have been walking around Saxion these days, you might have seen some posters and flyers from the International Office: they are currently recruiting international students! If you’re not a ...

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  • Lovely place for Sunday brunch- mugs and mermaids! #mugsandmermaids #denhaag #inlovewiththespoon #pancakes #weekendtrip #intosaxion

    Instagram foto: Lovely place for Sunday brunch- mugs and mermaids!
#denhaag #inlovewiththespoon #pancakes #weekendtrip #intosaxion
  • RT @SaxionUAS: #Saxion signs #Sustainable Development Goals agreement:

  • And the winners are ..... Group 2 😂 #ourlastpresentation #winning #saxion #intosaxion #thatsawrap

    Instagram foto: And the winners are ..... Group 2 😂 #ourlastpresentation #winning #saxion #intosaxion #thatsawrap
  • My Volunteering Experience in India

    This year I receive the silver Global Citizen Award in Dublin for volunteering overseas in India with the Irish charity SERVE, and for also promotion the Sustainable Development Goals in Ireland since I returned. This summer I will volunteer in ...

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