Why studying International Human Resource Management has been a good decision for me

Feb. 11, 2019, 11:48 a.m.

Hello! Привет!

I am Hristo and from Bulgaria! I am a first-year student in International Human Resource Management (IHRM) and I have recently completed the second quarter.

IHRM – the course that has drastically changed my view over a wide variety of matters and this is just the beginning…

To be completely transparent with you, I do not even know from where to start 😅 I will do my best to structure my thoughts and share with you the most valuable experiences that I have acquired, so far, by studying IHRM.

Studying International Human Resource Management

I am from a high-context culture and therefore, brace yourself for a little chaos and interesting details.

Oh, which reminds me, in the first year of IHRM, there is a subject titled – Intercultural Communication . In this subject, you will gain a better of your cultural background and of the others. Essentially, you will be able to get rid of cultural barriers. Anyways, let me provide you with a brief explanation of why I picked IHRM.

Why International Human Resource Management?

I choose this study programme quite spontaneously.

I did not know what exactly I want to study. I knew that my course had to be in the social sphere. The reason for that is, because I find great pleasure by listening to people’s experiences, ambitions and feelings.

Moreover, I feel intrigued when people share their problems with me. I see that as opportunity to help them to overcome their struggles and influence their lives in a positive way. I love that feeling!

Initially, I wanted to study Psychology, but I desired a course that had a practical approach. Don’t get me wrong, I love exposing myself to a great deal of knowledge, but don’t you think it’s great to know how to apply it?

That is exactly what you are offered in Saxion University of Applied Sciences ! So far, every bit of information that has been presented to us is applicable. You can easily see how that particular concept and/or theory may be used in a work setting.

Do you know how?

In the second quarter in the first year, we were assigned our first “real-life” case.

We had to find an individual who was working and experiencing problems in their workplace. We had to analyse their situation using the provided theory and add our own recommendations/implications.

Isn’t that amazing? Already in the first year, you can see, first-hand, your impact over one’s life (your client’s life).

In my case, our project (it was group work) has contributed to our client’s welfare. Knowing that your work is meaningful and has brought happiness to another human being is remarkable, isn’t it?

International Human Resource Management - Picture taken during an exercise in Group Dynamics (representing happiness and diversity)

Another astonishing asset of the program is the countless opportunities for personal development.

As I mentioned previously, you are able to put into use the learnt abilities, skills and knowledge. In my opinion, that is great, but what is even better is the fact that you may use all the above mentioned perks in day-to-day life.

For instance, you are taught how to effectively reflect over particular situations, but you can easily do that in moments, in which you are struggling.

By being able to do so, you begin to understand your behaviour, feelings and thoughts. As you are aware of these aspects, you can create steps through which you can improve. As a result, you become a better version of yourself and you can constantly grow as an individual.

In my opinion, growth is one of the greatest contributors to a meaningful, fulfilling and significant life.

Essentially, IHRM allows you to become more self-aware and self-awareness, in my opinion, is the most valuable strength. If you can win the battles that are fought in the chambers of your soul, you can achieve any goal that you set for yourself.

The lecturers of International Human Resource Management are wonderful

They allow you to express your opinions, theories and suggestions regarding a wide variety of different matters. They provide you with directions and are ready to supply you with feedback.

The lecturers appreciate when you voice out your problems. I am amazed by the fact that after each quarter, we are given the opportunity to evaluate the lecturers and subjects, that we have had in that particular quarter.

As a result, from our recommendations, subjects are being modifying and teachers can recognise what they have been doing correctly and/or incorrectly. That is great, because both the course and the lecturers are consistently improving.

Another huge advantage of the IHRM program is the structure of the quarters

So far, in the first two quarters, the subjects were complementary. For instance, in quarter 2 (Q2), we were introduced to group work. I had to compile two reports by working together with another individual/s. At the same, we had a subject titled – Group Dynamics, in which were taught how to perform effectively in a group and how to deal with group dynamic issues.

Another example can be found again in Q2. We had to prepare and conduct an interview for one particular subject. We were provided with fundamental knowledge on “How-to interview”. By acquiring that data, we could easily apply it for one other subject in Q2, in which we had to conduct an interview as well. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

To sum up, if you want to develop your communication skills, become self-aware on a higher level, work together in groups to complete various assignments, and lastly, study knowledge that can be applied both to your future career and day-to-day life, then this course is the right choice for you!

Remember, as George Bernard Shaw once said:

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”

In my experience, the knowledge and challenges offered by the course International Human Resource Management , grants you the opportunity to undoubtedly develop yourself and have a significant impact over the others!


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