What It’s Like to Study Tourism Management in the Netherlands

July 6, 2018, 12:36 p.m.

I’m from Germany but I’ve always been interested in the Netherlands and I wanted to learn their language.

When I decided to study Tourism Management I compared the different options I had regarding where to study. Compared to Germany, the program in the Netherlands focuses more on practical experience and gives you the opportunity to go abroad, which was one of the decisive factor why I chose the Netherlands.


Furthermore, I wanted to study in English since it’s important to speak English in the international tourism industry. Today I will share a little bit about what’s like to follow a bachelor degree in Tourism Management at Saxion.

But Why Tourism Management?

Since I was little I have always been fascinated by traveling and everything that is connected with it!

After I graduated from high school I planned to do an apprenticeship at the airport in Hamburg. My plans changed after I spoke with my neighbour that told me about the International Tourism program a friend of him was following in the Netherlands. I got her contact details and researched a lot about this program on the website of Saxion.

After reading the general description of the program, I was really interested, due to the fact that it focuses on practical experience and going abroad. This program is the perfect combination of my interest into tourism and gaining experience while being abroad!

My First Year as a Student

When I came to the Netherlands I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. When the first exam period came closer, I was really nervous and didn’t know how to best prepare for the exams.

If I could go back in time I would definitely tell myself to not worry that much and not to be that nervous. At the end I worried too much which ended up in being stressed. Eventually, that wasn’t necessary, and I was thinking too much about failing my exams due to wrong preparation.

As a final conclusion I can say that you should always stay calm, attend the classes and keep up with the homework which will already prepare you for the exams.


Studying at Saxion

What I like the most about studying at Saxion is the international environment and that you get to know people from all around the world: You’re getting more aware of the different cultures and how to deal with this if you have to work together in a team.

Saxion gives you the opportunity to gain international experience in many different ways. Due to their connections abroad, there are many interesting companies you can choose for your internship or your thesis. You have the chance to go abroad several times, for internships, your minor, your thesis and for study trips. This is such an important aspect for me that I could not find at other universities I was checking!

My favourite place to study is the library in school. You have a lot of work spaces over there and the opportunity to borrow school books. They even have a quite space for the people that want to study in a quite environment!

Still in doubt?

Don’t be!

Saxion gives you the perfect opportunity to gain international experience which prepares you for the work field. You have a really good relationship with the teachers and you can always ask for advice.


Boat trip to Leiden with the Marketing & Communications Support Team

Even though you’re moving to another country you feel really welcome and at home here ❤


My name is Denise and I am from Germany. I am a third year Tourism Management student living in Deventer and enjoying every aspect of being a student. It gives me the opportunity to learn a lot about the tourism industry through lectures, study trips and field trips.

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