Studying International Finance & Accounting at Saxion

Jan. 3, 2019, 11:58 p.m.

I am Dutch, so from the beginning I decided to stay in the Netherlands to study. To be honest I didn’t even look at other countries, I knew for sure I wanted to study in the Netherlands.

However I didn’t know what type of degree I wanted to follow.  So to help me to decide, I attended one of the Open Days at Saxion .

International Finance & Accounting: Veerle's Story International Finance & Accounting: Veerle’s Story

I remember my dad asked me in advanced: ‘ what do you want?

I said I wanted to do something with numbers , and in English .

So I went to the lecture about International Finance and Accounting. The students told such nice things about the study and environment that I knew I wanted to follow that study programme.

International Finance & Accounting at Saxion

One of the unique aspects of the bachelor in International & Finance Accounting at Saxion is that the lessons are very interactive.

So if you want to add something to the lesson, or think that you can do something in a different way, you can speak up and say it.

The teacher is more your friend than your teacher , which I love. You will learn by thinking together and not just listening to a teacher all day.

School of Finance & Accounting - Saxion University of Applied Sciences

School of Finance & Accounting – Saxion University of Applied Sciences

I really enjoy the interaction in classes, specially between students and teachers. It really motivates me to study well for a test, or to do my homework.

Most days I will go to school before classes, or stay a bit later, to do my work.

I find that I can concentrate a lot better in school. Inside the FEM department there is a big table where I like to sit, or otherwise I ask for a study room and study there with some classmates.

My advice to new students

If I had the opportunity to go back in time I’d say to my first-year self: you can do it, don’t be afraid .

I think I was still a bit shy, since everything is new, and I wanted to do it all the right way, but it is good to make mistakes .

Also, start a bit earlier with the studying for the tests, it will give you a lot less stress.

The most rewarding thing so far for me is not one moment, but a lot of little moments: when a teacher says you did a good job after giving a presentation , or maybe after the first exam period, when you did better than expected.


In my second year of International Finance & Accounting

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