Software Engineering

I am an active and innovative student in Saxion, proven by my participation in the Buddy Project and my student associations. Starting from the year 2017, I am also taking the role of International Student Ambassador. I have always had the passion to help candidate students get the information they need, and then hopefully greet them in the next study year in Saxion.

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  • Syntaxis: Our Student Association

    Most programmes at Saxion have a student association. For us, Software Engineering students , it is Syntaxis – and I do a lot with them! A little bit of history: What is Syntaxis? Syntaxisis the student association for all programmes ...

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  • Another project well done! #intosaxion

    Instagram foto: Another project well done! #intosaxion
  • Winter has officially passed! #intosaxion

    Instagram foto: Winter has officially passed! #intosaxion