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  • Tourism Management
    Hoi! Leer je bij deze opleiding ook nog echt het recreatieve deel? Ik vind namelijk ook evenementen organiseren heel leuk, maar hier lees ik weinig over terug.
    asked 3 years, 2 months ago
    told 3 years, 2 months ago

    Hi Tessa, within the program you learn a lot about tourism/recreation it self. Every subject is based on real life cases from the tourism world. You learn about tourists and their motivations as well as about the industry from business site, marketing, research etc. This study program is focused on how to make tourism better, more sustainable and more innovative with modern technologies. You will as well get courses called event organization . In this course you get to organize your real-life event with real people, real client and real budget. I have to say that me and my group really enjoyed it!
    Did I answer your question? Feel free to ask more :)

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  • Tourism Management
    Hey there, was wondering how much money will I need every month to cover costs such as food, entertainment and transport.
    asked 3 years, 11 months ago
    told 3 years, 11 months ago

    Hi Lameck,

    I collected some answers for you:

    Well the food expenses may be between 200-300 euros. It really depends on you and how you eat. If you eat in bars or semifabricants it may be 300 for you, if you like to make the food at home, it about 200.

    When I was a student I used to spend around 100 - 120 euros a month on shopping (stuff for kitchen like washing powder, toilet paper, etc included). The canteens are ok but most Dutch people bring their own sandwiches - and you will save a lot if you do. You can get all you need in the market once a week for your lunch, and the supermarkets have good deals as well. I used to get soup from the canteen, it costs from 0.55 to 0.95 euros a cup (Ps: The mostard soup is my favourite one ❤️)

    i spend around 150 euros or 200 but then i really include everything like cinema, parties, sport activities and hanging out with friends. I also bring my own sandwich, does not take too much time to make them but i can save lot of money or if i prefer bakery then shops are really close by around the Saxion. my favorite is the chocolate croissant and one croissant costs 89 cents. Therefore i do not really use the canteens. However we have really fancy ones :D
    We have made a video about a shopping session, here is the link:


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