I'm not studying at Saxion anymore, but I'd still like to answer your questions!



studied International Finance & Accounting

Fresh Graduate of International Finance and Accounting (B.Sc). Currently a vocational employee consultant at PwC Indonesia. I like playing flute, piano, guitar, basketball, taekwondo, crochet, knitting, and quilting. :)

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  • Big cities aren't the only ones who have windmolen... Enschede has Lonneker Molen #intosaxion https://t.co/z1vAhFcBUw

  • Happy New Year from Indonesia 😍😍😍 #intosaxion

  • Gonna go back to Saxion after the new years and face the exams XO ... and still waiting for the thesis request announcement #intosaxion

  • Come and visit our booth!!! Saxion is waiting for you at Jogja Expo Center, Indonesia #intosaxion #saxion https://t.co/YgKDcJyuR1

  • If you guys have any questions about Saxion or IFA at all... please don't hesitate to ask #intosaxion

  • Okay... let me introduce myself... My name is Nadia... hopefully a final year student of IFA and hope to graduate next year 😁👍🏻 #intosaxion

  • Forensic Accounting and Fraud Investigation Minor Course

    Hey guys, Guess what I took for one of my Minor Courses??? Yes, just as the title says so!!! FORENSIC ACCOUNTING AND FRAUD INVESTIGATION!!! :O :O :O … (Ooohhhh) I took this course while I am currently in my minor ...

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